Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams








zcomfy 1

Dress: Thrifted Vintage
Headband: Anthropologie Sale
Sweater: Thrifted Vintage
Necklace: Antique Store
Purse: Thrifted
Shoes: Blowfish
Tights: Hue

This is one of the most modest dresses that I own, and that's saying something for someone who's wardrobe consists mostly of knee-length dresses and skirts! There's something about it that's so appealing to me...I think its probably the pleats and the fabric and the flouncy nature of the whole thing combined with the fact that its actually quite sheer upon inspection. I feel elegant and cozy all at the same time in this and enjoy combining it with various scarves, jewelry, shoes and tights to create different looks.

On a completely different note, I've found the perfect bicycle. After [finally] seeing (500) Days of Summer this week, I felt a sudden urge to replace my old bike. Here's what I found...

I'm currently trying to convince Dan that he (a) would really enjoy bicycling somewhere in our city and (b) that he wants to take my old bicycle for himself after I save up for this beauty. We'll see how that goes. A girl can always dream.


  1. Your dress is so lovely! Oh what a beautiful bike, I wish I could ride! Actually I'd probably just buy the bike for the heck of having retro-looking one :)

  2. Wow, what a classy dress. I think it's one of my very favorites of yours, espeically with the brownish tights and shoes. And the bike is a stunner! Maybe I should take a ride tomorrow!


  3. Oh my goodness I love the dress and the necklace. You look amazing!

  4. The bicycle looks sweet! I cannot wait for your outfit photos with it :)

  5. this dress is really perfect. i have been really loving modest dresses lately (probably b/c i work with teenage boys). this is great...and can you ride your new bike all the way to nyc??? please?


  6. I think that the bicycle is an amazing idea! I remember when I used to ride my old bike to campus when I was an undergrad but at times I would forget I was riding my bike and I would pick out an outfit that was not very bike-friendly! haha!

    This outfit is amazing and especially the gorgeous necklace that you are wearing. is it a locket? The dress is beautiful!

  7. What a great purple vintage dress, so unique! And it looks very lovely on you. I love the color tights and shoes you chose to wear with it. So happy that you found a cute bike. I still need to see that movie!

  8. Lovely dress and lovely accessories... the pendant is gorgeous and the flowers on your hair are so beautiful.

    Get that bike and yes, don't forget the basket. xoxo

  9. Look at you in the third photo!!! So so adorable, I really like you in short hair :D

    Btw, is your old bike similar in shape to the one in the photo? If it yes, maybe it just needs a good paint job yknow? I'm seriously planning to paint mine so I'll love it more. The basket is definitely the icing on the cake (and practical), so you can cycle out and have a picnic with dan!

  10. Vintage :)
    I like it, you look great , I like all the outfit but special the last one.

  11. LOVE this look. Adore the third photo! WANT that cardigan. Want this whole look. Also, a thought: us hanging out in your basement (that's your basement, yes?) me wearing my sweater and shorts, you wearing this, us drinking tea, both with our glasses on, discussing art. Not only would it be a fun time, it would make a great photo shoot!

  12. Cool outfit!

  13. love the dress and the shoes are super cute!! thanks for stopping by the blog!

  14. that shade of blue looks lovely on you

  15. my favorite-favorite feature of your outfit are the red tights and red shoes together. so great!

  16. such a pretty outfit! and about biking to work - i've been doing it for years now, and it is SO much better than public transportation. you get there faster, don't pay money for tokens, get exercise, don't release carbon dioxcide etc. etc.

    i'd recommend this - start off with wearing close toed flats. you might also want to look into getting clips for your pedals. i use them on my bike and it makes riding much easier. also, the price for that bike is not bad at all! a vintage cruiser on craigslist would cost about that, plus you'd have to take it into a shop for a tuneup.

  17. whoooooops. i totally left that comment for the wrong person. someone else asked me about commuting by bike.

    i swear i'm not insane.

    but i do really like your outfit. especially that dress.

  18. Really amazing photos. I love the shoes and how they match your tights, you look perfect!

  19. It might be modest, but there is something to this dress... Very attractive and it looks beautiful on you. Hope you get your bicycling way with Dan. x

  20. I just found your blog via the Facebook Blowfish shoes fan page where I fell in LOVE with these shoes. Alas, they're from a different season, so they're nowhere to be found. :(

    I love your style blog, I'm following now. ♥
    Good luck on getting that beautiful bicycle!

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  22. Love all your retro-inspired outfits! I am also on the hunt for a good bike basket for my pink cruiser. They're not cheap, so I've scouring the thrift stores for alternatives so I can DIY one.



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