Monday, April 26, 2010

Old Haunts

I decided to just start taking outfit photos regularly again tonight. (Thanks for the encouragement Leah!) So back to the basement for me:) This outfit is nothing special, really just another take on something I wore not too long ago. It was pretty chilly out today, so I paired this warm green, white and grey dress with one of my thrifted novelty scarves and boots. The jacket I've been wearing constantly lately. I love the puffed sleeves, sweet little collar and loose, but structured fit.





zscarf 1

zwarm close

zwarm scarf

zscarf print

Jacket: Thrifted Vintage (I'm not sure about the decade)
Dress: 60's Thrifted Vintage
Scarf: Thrifted Vintage
Boots: Stonefly
Tights: Target
Belt: Thrifted


  1. I like this, it looks comfortable to wear whilst looking chic. Love the scarf and the dress is are wonderful, trying to find a good pair at the moment.
    xxx DJ

  2. THAT SCARF IS AMAZING!!! I love the colors and the print, it's so lovely! I also adore your coat and dress, the peter pan collar is adorable!

  3. I love the scarf; it's so cheerful and springy! I'm glad you'll be doing outfit posts again -- I know it can be tiresome, but I do so love to see your ensembles!


  4. Hi sweetie -

    Just got your comment. I checked out Froken O & I'm glad you knew I would probably like that blog. And, girl, you were right....I love it. Thank you for thinking of me. I did a google search to find the link & the hit for that blog directed me to a really lovely blog I think YOU would like, called A Little Hamster {have you heard of it?}. When you get a minute, check it out. Now, back to you....I love when you go to the basement for your outfit posts! Your dress is divine & that scarf is heavenly! What a scrumptious outfit, Kelley Anne! Love your style, girl! I'm hoping to do an outfit post this weekend...we'll see. Well, I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams, my dear....until we talk again. xoxo

  5. Yay!! I love seeing your outfits! And I love your hair so much, the length is really so flattering on you. Love the softness of the dress and the cute vintage scarf :)

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  6. What a lovely outfit. I really like the way you've worn the scarf around the collar of the dress.

  7. Now we're back in business girl... I really missed your outfit posts. I know we don't have the same style but I love looking at your style. Yours is always so classic and sophisticated while mine is just always casual and so so. Hahaha!

    Look at that vintage dress... you wear it so well... perfect is the word. Keep posting Kelley Anne. xoxo

  8. I really like this look! Very classic and chic.

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  9. Woow I love the coat!! so gorgeous ;) looks so good on you

  10. i love the scarf added to the amazing collar of the dress!

    isn't it funny that faux silk location scarves used to be a big thing. I mean, they must have been, considering how many there are floating out there.

    thankfully for us, they're all awesome!

  11. That jacket is so cute. I love the collar and the overall shape. You have such a lovely, unique style - I really enjoy seeing your outfit shots. x

  12. love it, so perfect

  13. LOVE the scarf look! Your hair just looks so fresh and pretty!

    By the way, thanks for the shoe stretching suggestions!

  14. you rarely smile in your posts. great to see you smile. :)

  15. Wow times ten to this outfit. I love love love your style. Beautiful.

    Also, I like chocolate icecream and I like strawberry!!

  16. OH MY GOSH!!

    I ADORE THAT SCARF of yours!! VERY VERY MUCH!! I just had to stop by and say how much I miss your outfit posts but also how much I enjoy them as well!


  17. i love the coat and the dress. and i love your 4th photo, you look like a woman in those legendary movies :D

    and the scarf's such a find. bermuda! :D


  18. love that jacket! its so cute and chic!

  19. That shot of you smiling (third photo) is precious :) You look very stately in a darling sort of way via the jacket, which I love. The pop of colors from the scarf is wonderful and the print is so summery and great for pulling out and admiring when you're dreaming of better weather :)


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