Wednesday, April 21, 2010


pshoes 1


pred close



Pbow tied


pred dress

Pnew laces


pred hat

Pball 1

Pbroken glass



Dress: Thrifted 80's Vintage
Hat: Hand-Me-Down
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Clark's

I've been wearing a lot of red and yellow lately...both together and separately. I'm not sure what it is, but these vivid primary colors are really appealing to me right now. For the time being, a bright frock, hat and sandals are enough to put a smile on my face and a little pep in my step.

Has anyone else noticed any big changes in their wardrobe (besides the obvious addition or subtraction of garments) as we transition into a new season?


  1. You have some really great, interesting shots here! Really cool!

  2. I have! I've been wearing hats like crazy and I'm in love with socks and broaches! What a lovely series of pictures, very creative. I love your dress. Red has been a favorite color of mine lately too.

  3. Ever since I got a red dress this year it has somehow become my signature color and I never used to wear it. I'm addicted to red tights too. It is such a powerful color. I really love the hat and shoes too!

  4. gorgeous dress!! All of these pictures are adorable! I especially love the broken glass one (I guess you wouldn't really call that haha) but it is so artistic and inspiring. Great!!

  5. I love the way you capture little details in your shots, like that broken window - so unexpectedly beautiful! Your red dress is lovely. I've noticed I'm wearing a lot more colour now that it's Spring. Also I'm mixing colours more. In the winter it was all about grey and navy with a hint of colour, but now I'm drawn to block colours.

    I'm always on the lookout for vintage items in the charity shops but never see anything! To buy vintage, you need to go to the shops in London, but it's sooo expensive. In a sewing magazine I was reading this month, it explained that there are a lot less 1950s & 60s vintage clothes in England compared to the USA, as England took longer to recover after the war and fabric was rationed for longer. I found it really interesting, and it explains why vintage clothes are more expensive over here.

  6. that dress is awesome and such a great color on you!

  7. kelley, this is the most beautiful outfit! the shoes and dress alone are wonderful by themselves, but they look even better together. i'm in a real big romantic phase of dress right now (if you can't tell from my blog) with lots of chambray and soft colors. hopefully i'll get out of the phase soon or i'll be running out of things to wear!

  8. The detail shots are awesome... I love the broken glass window. And you have the Mother and Child too. I love it.

    You look gorgeous in red and I believe this is one of the colors that really make you glow. Have a great day! xoxo

  9. i love your shoes! strangely enough, most of my recent acquisitions are black... ha. spring here i come!
    xo s

  10. Red really does look great on you! I thought skype was good and I can see it being useful to keep in contact with my family and friends when I can't see them. I don't particularly like being on webcam but it did mean that my brother could show me my cats at home which was lovely as I miss them already. What has been going on with you for the past few weeks?

  11. Love you in red. I've noticed that I've been wearing a lot more colours recently... it's quite nice, really!

  12. I love finding a thread of similarity in my outfits, but the truth is that i dress pretty much the same year round.

    bright dresses and sandals are so great though, its understandable why that would become a warm weather uniform.

    that dress looks great on you! love it!

  13. Those shoes are lovely - haven't been in Clarks in yonks, must take a look. I love your style - it's very individual and very elegant. x

  14. The blue seams are so unexpected on the red dress, so unique and fabulous! And the shoes, just amazing. You look so right in red. I have been wearing a lot of primary colors lately too, mainly red and blue, but I have some yellow I really want to try out!

  15. I've been wearing a lot of greys and neutrals lately whereas I used to love wearing bright colours. There is just a je ne sais quoi about grey that makes me love it.

  16. i like these pictures a lot - the lipstick shot is especially great! you look beautiful as always, kelley anne!

  17. Your red dress is lovely, and I adore the bow with the blue trim!

  18. I just have to say: WOW to this collection of pics. Especially the first one of you and the one of the shoes: WOW. Beautiful. And I LOVE that dress!! You are gorgeous. You are right, your style totally works for you and isn't boring in the least!

    --I do a lot of abstract and semi abstract art! I think I will put a link to a fb album of some of my art on my next post!

  19. You look great in that dress! I can never make button down dresses work for me. That hat is fab, too :)

  20. Your basement is spooky and rad all at the same time! I love your red dress and shoes!

  21. those shoes are actually 100% perfect, just enough heel, ankle strap, cute litle detailing. I'm going to have to track down a pair just like them.

  22. Red and blue... Love your pictures! No, no big wardrobe changes for me, more small modifications. x

  23. i've made LOADS of floral additions to my wardrobe, but I suppose i only did it because apparently they are "in" right now, so the access to that lovely pattern is alot easier.

    that dress *.* and i love the satin laces on the converse!

    (btw, what should i look for to find the samuel l. jackson/c3po video? i'm really curious!)

  24. this dress is incredibly flattering on you--the cut and the color! i love i! my wardrobe hasn't changed much, but while shopping, i find myself drawn towards more girly pieces (ie. florals and lace) so hopefully that will get mixed in with my outfits soon!

  25. i love your shoes!!
    and the pics are really inspiring. they make me wanna write some poetries!
    can i keep some of the pics, pretty please? :)


  26. There are so many adorable things in this post! That little character drawing, that lovely red dress and of course those awesome tennis shoes!!! So lovely, and the photography! :)

    Aya ♥

  27. i love your red dress! and your heels. actually everything is awesome in this post! :D

    thanks for your comment :) is the radio program a podcast? it sounds very interesting.

  28. Gorgeous photos - I am really attracted to the broken glass pane - it's just so interesting and beautiful.

    You look lovely in the red dress. It is very elegant on you. This is very coincidental because my latest outfit post features me in a very primary color focused look as well :) The heels are really wonderful, especially in the first shot. I love the hat, too.

    I've definitely been pushing for a change in my wardrobe! Lots of lighter tones, and all the typical spring trends - florals and nauticals - I've been sporting quite a bit. Also, I think I've had a lot more time than some, being in Texas :)


  29. what a lovely vintage dress!! :) x

  30. Oh I just adore that red dress, looks great on you! I like your new profile shot too.

    I'm leaning towards checks, boots, khaki jackets...think I look a cross between country, 70's and a bit army...heck sounds weird.
    xoxo DJ

  31. These images - and the radiant energy and beauty that flows through them - are positively marvelous. I've always adored red, wearing - and surrounding myself - with it (and/or subtle variations of it such as pink and burgundy) for as long as I can recall.

    Thank you dearly for your beautiful comments this past week, sweet soul, they really mean a lot to me.

    Wishing you a serene & blissful Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  32. Red is my favorite color :) Well I just moved and I only brought a few clothes, and what I ended up bringing was a lot of weird pieces I never even wore that often! No idea how that happened but I would say, that's definitely effecting the way I dress.

    Love the shadow shoe shot by the way!

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