Monday, April 5, 2010

A Weekend in Photos

.................................I Love.........................................

Lazy Dogs...

P lazy bandito

P bandito

As well as curious ones...

P confusion

P standoff

And the crazy cat that taunts them...

P crazy cat

P crazy cat 2

P crazy cat close

P crazy cat close 1

P mena lion

Anthropologie Sales...

P new shorts

(Seriously, they were $9.99 on sale!)

Taking Reflection Photos...

P mirror mirror

And thrifted dresses that remind me of something out of a Toast catalog...

P easy breezy

P silly me

P headband

The first spring flowers...

P flowers

Waking up to discover how the morning light has thrown shadows...

P shadow 3

P shadow 2

And long afternoons that slowly turn into evenings spent in the kitchen.

P ratatoille

(That's ratatouille....beautiful isn't it? :)

How did you all spend your weekends?


  1. the ratatouille looks great

    I saw an old friend from home this weekend who was in town because her boyfriend has family in the DC area and they were heading over for easter dinner

  2. You have a very interesting household. I love the vintage dress and your mirror shots. And the ratatouille looks yummy.

    We went to the beach this weekend though I didn't get my tan since I forgot to bring my tanning lotion.

    Have a great week ahead! xoxo

  3. wow!! the ratatouille looks great!

    well lets see!

    I spent my weekend well friday night I spent it out and about with some friends. Both Saturday and Sunday I spent it at work and after work I spent the afternoon with my family and my adorable little nephew! When my nephew was asleep I spent my time watching "Brat-Pack" movies online!

    p.s. Im trying to get a list together of place you should check out during your stay at DC!

    GREAT PICTURE by the way the shorts you got are adorable!!

  4. Bloggers always post food photos last, huh? I'm so hungry. Sorry if that was a weird realization. Haha

    Love the pet photos!

  5. That dress is beautiful, I love the color! Seriously, $10 for shorts from Anthropologie? What a score! Aww your cat and dog are adorable!

  6. this whole post is so amazing, i almost cannot comment. this is EXACTLY you. exactly. i am so glad that you are feeling more comfortable showing you...if that makes any sense...


  7. Such cute animals you have, great pics of them :) The shorts and dress are fantastic finds, and I love your reflection shot..

    ~ megan

  8. I love these glimpses of your weekend - hope you do many more posts like this! The dress is really lovely.. I love the colour and shape. And The pic of the cat looking through the flap at the dog is really cute :)

  9. I just love looking at sweet animal pictures, the first one is a classic.

    Great shorts, so cheap!

    I adore that last picture of you in that sweet little dress.

    Mmm I'll stay for tea thanks :)

    ps love the pic of dan reading in shot! Lovely post.

  10. The ratatouille looks delicious!
    This weekend, I went to South of France to do tourism. Unfortunately it was cold!

  11. That was such a beautiful collection of photos. Thanks for sharing your weekend.

    I spent it with a friend watching movies and making spaghetti.

    Ella x

  12. love this post! if i haven't told you already , i think we have so so so so much in common, haha

    look you look stunning in that spring dress!

    have you lost weight? you look skiiiiinnnnnyyyy skinny.

  13. cuuuuute! your puppy and kitty are adorable! love the shot of your guy reading in bed cute.
    Mamushka Marie

  14. Don't you look darling! Great shots, my dear! And your guy looks cute burying his head behind a book! Love it! Your place looks so cute! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

  15. Awwww.....sophie is sooooo cute! :)

  16. Your dog looks so adorable in the first pic! I love the mirror pic too. That dress looks really pretty and comfortable and your hair looks amazing. That ratatouille looks so good.. I've been so into cooking lately. Guess I got tired of all the frozen and canned stuff. Bea and I made tortillas today.

  17. Is that your bedroom? It must be. That photo of you and the mirror and the mobile, I'm a little dreamy now. So beautiful.

    I've actually never had ratatouille before! Sure looks too pretty too touch but must have tasted awesome.


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