Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"Black Sea"

One clear night while the others slept, I climbed
the stairs to the roof of the house and under a sky
strewn with stars I gazed at the sea, at the spread of it,
the rolling crests of it raked by the wind, becoming
like bits of lace tossed in the air. I stood in the long
whispering night, waiting for something, a sign, the approach
of a distant light, and I imagined you coming closer,
the dark waves of your hair mingling with the sea,
and the dark become desire, and desire the arriving light.
The nearness, the momentary warmth of you as I stood
on that lonely height watching the slow swells of the sea
break on the shore and turn briefly into glass and disappear ...
Why did I believe you would come out of nowhere? Why with all
that the world offers would you come only because I was here?

-Mark Strand


When I read this poem, I feel lucky. Lucky because I've always wanted to ask those last questions of someone who would answer me "simply because you are there." Because I've always wanted to desire someone in a way that was completely reciprocated. And because now I know that there is one person who would say that to me, and to whom I could honestly answer the same. Sometimes I ask Dan why he loves me, and (after joking around a bit) he says "because I'm Dan and you're Kelley. That's just the way it is." Simple as that.

Over the weekend, I finally watched Bright Star. I thought it was a wonderful movie, full of lovely images, beautiful words and all of those amazing period costumes. I loved that it felt like the progression of a real romance, with good days and bad days that alternated depending on forces beyond the control of the two lovers, but that (as Keats says in the movie) they built a web between them, attached to but separate from the world.

Most of all, I loved the distinct feeling of intimacy that pervaded so many of the scenes. The two main characters never make love, but this seeming lack imbued their gestures with a great deal of longing and desire, with a knowing sensuality that both of them obviously registered. The scene where I felt most impressed by this was when Fanny took off a key that she'd been wearing around her neck and handed it to John. She slowly lifted it out of the front of her dress and placed it in his hand and then they both stood staring at it, knowing it had (in a way) been more physically intimate with her than he had. Then she took the key out of his palm and used it to unlock the chest where his things were stored. My heart skipped a beat.

All of that being said, I know its not for everyone, my supervisor thought that it was terrible. All I know is that I felt compelled to watch the movie twice...in a row...and cried at the end both times.

Have you seen it? What did you think?


  1. I've never seen the movie, but your interpretation & view of it makes me want to see the movie! I will probably cry at the end, too! Lovely post, sweetie! And thank you for comments on my first outfit post. I hope to do more in the near future. Now that I've done the first one, it won't be so scary the second time around!


  2. I haven't seen it yet but I love to see it based on your short review. I prefer implied sensuality... those scenes that trigger your senses and make you think.

    I love that poem and I love how Dan replied to your "why do you love me" question. I'm in love with both of you guys. xoxo

  3. The poem is amazing, I'm speechless. And the movie, I'd never heard of it, but your review sealed it for me. Your writing style is so rich and fluid, I just love your posts!!

  4. ooo totally need to see bright star, looking forward to it now

    I hope to have what you and Dan have one day

  5. I have not seen the movie but I love that poem. Mark Strand is great. He went to Iowa! Anyway, the love you share with your husband is a beautiful thing. :)


  6. I haven't watched it but I will be adding it to my Netflix queue.

  7. Wow that is a beautiful poem. It makes me feel sad. You and Dan are both incredibly blessed.

    Ella x

  8. The poem is amazing and I agree its a great feeling to have someone who feels the same way as you do. I haven't seen the movie. Great post :)


  9. Pretty poem, so sad though. I know the feeling of being incredibly lucky in love. It was something I've always wanted and I know it doesn't happen to everyone, although the world is an amazing place regardless.

  10. Oh, btw I would like to apologize for my lack of responses. I love receiving your blog comments and Ive been a terrible blogger lately :( To answer your question - sweet bread is really sweet. You should definitely try it :)

  11. Am yet to see the movie..have been a bit nervous because I have heard conflicting opinions about it, I think I will watch it on your recommendation...why you ask...well one of my fav movies is Hannah and her sisters and I found you through a blog search on people who like that movie...I have never done this before and then I clicked on your profile and found we have alot in common...e.e cummings and vintage things to name a couple...how strange and wonderful connections between bloggers can be. Let me leave with ..."nobody not even the rain has such small hands' cheers from Australia Katherine

  12. Oh I haven't but you have so made me want to see it. I love the poem by Mark Strand.

  13. I hasven't been able to comment for a while but for ages I have been wanting to let you know how beautiful your pictures are. I wish I could draw like that, keep it up.


  14. Oh, that poem is so beautiful. And I'll add that film to my list of films to watch. I enjoy reading your posts so much. Sometimes when I just can't be bothered to read others in my google reader (too busy, too tired etc) I scroll down to yours and there's something like this that adds a moment of calm to my day :)

  15. Hi, I saw Bright Star in the cinema and enjoyed it. Some of the scenes were so beatiful and I loved the costumes. x

  16. i have not seen it yet, but it's in my netflix queue. can't wait :D

  17. Hi sweetie, it's me again.

    Thank you for your comment. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo, too - something small, like a heart, rose or butterfly. I just have to get up enough nerve to go through with it. Wish we could go together & hold each other's hand! Muah!


  18. I want to see Bright Star! Okay noting it down on my phone. Abbie Cornish has the most interesting nose, in my opinion haha.

    Dan's answer is ace. Sometimes it is what it is really, put two people together and it just works!

  19. I received "Bright Star" through Netflix a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Thought the acting was terrific. I found that last scene so haunting...

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