Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams








zcomfy 1

Dress: Thrifted Vintage
Headband: Anthropologie Sale
Sweater: Thrifted Vintage
Necklace: Antique Store
Purse: Thrifted
Shoes: Blowfish
Tights: Hue

This is one of the most modest dresses that I own, and that's saying something for someone who's wardrobe consists mostly of knee-length dresses and skirts! There's something about it that's so appealing to me...I think its probably the pleats and the fabric and the flouncy nature of the whole thing combined with the fact that its actually quite sheer upon inspection. I feel elegant and cozy all at the same time in this and enjoy combining it with various scarves, jewelry, shoes and tights to create different looks.

On a completely different note, I've found the perfect bicycle. After [finally] seeing (500) Days of Summer this week, I felt a sudden urge to replace my old bike. Here's what I found...

I'm currently trying to convince Dan that he (a) would really enjoy bicycling somewhere in our city and (b) that he wants to take my old bicycle for himself after I save up for this beauty. We'll see how that goes. A girl can always dream.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'd planned to do another outfit post tonight, but after choosing on a whim to forgo the bus and walk home from work in the slight drizzle (which turned into heavy wind and rain) I've decided against it. I arrived home 50 minutes after leaving the library and soaked through, but with a smile on my face and a pack of candy raspberries in my bag.

So now here I am, curled up in bed next to the cat and dog, watching late 80's, early 90's music videos online (ah George Michael! I have to admit that I do love Father Figure and Madonna's Live to Tell:), full of those candies while my dress and coat dry in the shower.

Instead of my planned post, here's something a little bit different. I felt so full of joy walking home today, even though it was raining, the wind was blowing and some drivers attempted to go through the crosswalk when I had the walk signal. And when I feel happy, I always listen to this song by The Fiery Furnaces (sometimes I also listen to it to pep myself up when I'm sad). Its so strange and interesting and catchy. I hope you all like it too.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Old Haunts

I decided to just start taking outfit photos regularly again tonight. (Thanks for the encouragement Leah!) So back to the basement for me:) This outfit is nothing special, really just another take on something I wore not too long ago. It was pretty chilly out today, so I paired this warm green, white and grey dress with one of my thrifted novelty scarves and boots. The jacket I've been wearing constantly lately. I love the puffed sleeves, sweet little collar and loose, but structured fit.





zscarf 1

zwarm close

zwarm scarf

zscarf print

Jacket: Thrifted Vintage (I'm not sure about the decade)
Dress: 60's Thrifted Vintage
Scarf: Thrifted Vintage
Boots: Stonefly
Tights: Target
Belt: Thrifted

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

I'm going to make a concerted effort to post more outfits next week, but for now here are some
gratuitous animal and flora photos that I took before going to work this afternoon. I hope everyone else had a nice weekend! I'll be catching up on comments tomorrow afternoon. I look forward to seeing what everyone's been up to.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


pshoes 1


pred close



Pbow tied


pred dress

Pnew laces


pred hat

Pball 1

Pbroken glass



Dress: Thrifted 80's Vintage
Hat: Hand-Me-Down
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Clark's

I've been wearing a lot of red and yellow lately...both together and separately. I'm not sure what it is, but these vivid primary colors are really appealing to me right now. For the time being, a bright frock, hat and sandals are enough to put a smile on my face and a little pep in my step.

Has anyone else noticed any big changes in their wardrobe (besides the obvious addition or subtraction of garments) as we transition into a new season?