Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'd planned to do another outfit post tonight, but after choosing on a whim to forgo the bus and walk home from work in the slight drizzle (which turned into heavy wind and rain) I've decided against it. I arrived home 50 minutes after leaving the library and soaked through, but with a smile on my face and a pack of candy raspberries in my bag.

So now here I am, curled up in bed next to the cat and dog, watching late 80's, early 90's music videos online (ah George Michael! I have to admit that I do love Father Figure and Madonna's Live to Tell:), full of those candies while my dress and coat dry in the shower.

Instead of my planned post, here's something a little bit different. I felt so full of joy walking home today, even though it was raining, the wind was blowing and some drivers attempted to go through the crosswalk when I had the walk signal. And when I feel happy, I always listen to this song by The Fiery Furnaces (sometimes I also listen to it to pep myself up when I'm sad). Its so strange and interesting and catchy. I hope you all like it too.


  1. I like the song! I love your most recent outfit post too. Such a lovely coat and dress. What a cool scarf too! You should enter my contest:)

  2. I love the song... I can imagine you walking in the rain with that song playing in your iPod. xoxo

  3. loving the song! shall add to my iPod:)..have an awesome rest of week


  4. Wind and rain? Same thing here in Glasgow today - grrr! When will summer - or even spring - arrive? Always love to get music recommendations so thanks loads for this - will def investigate further. x

  5. Great song, girlfriend! Thanks for introducing me to it! Have a lovely week! Will stop by tomorrow to see how you're doing!


  6. great song!! thanks for posting dear! :D


  7. What a cute song!! I can't believe how much the cover looks like it is from the 70's. Crazy cool.

  8. Hope you're feeling okay - what a lovely song!

  9. I love this song too! It makes me smile and think of my sister who introduced me to this album :)

  10. i can get really carried away watching 80's/ 90's videos myself. i miss that stuff... that was my era. as much as i love george micahael and madonna, i usually gravitate toward the hair bands. i could watch skid row videos all day- sebastian bach used to be so darn sexy.

  11. I love it!! Thanks for posting this - I hadn't heard it before.


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