Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lyrical Thoughts

P easter


There is a place where
even music is no longer
where I
am always

Where words are before somebody utters them
where leaves are before there are leaves
and where these friends
who never leave me
come from

No rest
for the

No poison envy
lushly clinging
and growing
around the
house twittering

I will come to you memory shining

This body
is not me


"The Poem"

In morning rain a dark
vast rustling mass of lilacs

summons me (greener
than the dreams of God), it

troubles me
awake, a


both by Franz Wright, from God's Silence

P easter 1

P easter close

These photos are from Sunday, when we went to visit Dan's family for Easter. Lately I've been in the mood to wear very simple, pretty dresses with few accessories. I think my shorter hairstyle, combined with the onset of spring, has provoked an appreciation of simplicity in me. The warm breeze is adornment enough for now.

The poems of Franz Wright, on the other hand, are anything but simple. I discovered his work after a former co-worker gave me a copy of the Knopf National Poetry Month Collection cd. On it, Wright reads several of his poems from God's Silence. At first I was attracted to those recordings because his voice is so full of passion, pain, yearning and pathos. Very soon, I began to appreciate the poems for themselves. Reading the book now, I can hear his voice echoing through the pages, but I also appreciate the words even more for having read them myself -- at my own pace. There is one poem in particular that I haven't included here (but hope to feature later) that I can read over and over again and find myself moved every time.

This afternoon, I sat in a bookstore/cafe drinking herbal tea and eating alone. It was after the lunch rush had passed and no one, not even the waiters, were in a hurry. I'd wandered to this spot without any particular intention of going in, but found myself enjoying those moments of silence, with nothing but linden tea, a falafel wrap, and a book of poetry to occupy my attention. Days like this can be hypnotic if I'm in the right frame of mind. Its as if the perfume of spring and lyrical thoughts have enveloped my mind and drifted off with beautiful places that are always present, but which often go unseen.


  1. what a wonderful outfit! That dress and the collar! And you did right to pair it with that cardi! I give you a 10! perfect! =)

  2. I love those days! I'm glad you had a relaxing time. You look lovely in this vintage ensemble, and I love the poems, too. And the haircut is still fabulous :)


  3. Such a pretty ensemble. Love it. :)

  4. beautiful poetry and gorgeous outfit photos!!!

  5. What a beautiful post - you are quite gifted with words as well! And of course, the dress..... so pretty!

  6. What beautiful works by Franz Wright, I really liked them.

    I love that feeling you described at the cafe, bliss.

    The dress is so pretty and the cardigan is the perfect cut for this outfit and the gray is so sweet. Just beautiful...suits the post.

  7. I must say that the poetry you selected on his poet is amazing and very moving. The first poem relates so much to the way that one of my friends is feeling today and what she went through. Thank you so much for posting this.

    your outfit is beautiful, chic, and classic!

  8. What a lovely poem! I also adore your dress, the collar is stunning!

  9. Such an adorable outfit! I love how you layered the cardigan over and under the dress, and it's the perfect crop for the dress as well - you look gorgeous as always! :)

    Aya ♥

  10. That's such a lovely way to spend an afternoon.. The poems are beautiful as is your outfit - the cardigan looks like it was made to go over that dress.

  11. Your outfit looks so gorgeous. I love the collar.

  12. sounds magical! i think i've said this before, but i'll repeat have such a way with words! it's always a joy to read your well written descriptions of feelings, places and so on :D

  13. Oh my goodness!!!! I love the how you wear the shrug with this beautiful dress which shows off the collar really well! love it!

  14. how completely adorable is that outfit! quite lovely!


  15. That picture of you. The beauty and radiant gentleness of this figure struck me like a blow to my head or chest, right where the heart is, and the heart registered that blow (the head is too thick). How utterly and completely lovely. And having that strange poem of mine, which I had completely forgotten, also gave me a stab of--something I can't describe.
    Drop me a note sometime
    I hope you will

  16. Lovely outfit, the collar is so sweet!

    Those days are so perfect. In the summertime I can spend hours at the library with my tea (shhhh I know it's not allowed!) and poetry anthologies.

  17. Just perfect :) You look fantastic.

    Ella x

  18. That poem is beautiful!
    I adore your dress too! Perfection :O)

  19. I love those poems, thanks for sharing and thanks for such a cute pictures! You look lovely!

  20. Spring has been making me wear more simple outfits too. When the weather is this amazing you just want to throw on a pretty dress and go. I love the collar of that dress and I'm so glad you are including more poetry in your posts. Do you write poetry as well? That is a cool sketch, it looks like something futuristic and vintage at the same time

  21. You look so pretty, Kelly Ann! What a simple & lovely dress! Happy Sunday, my dear!


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