Sunday, February 14, 2010

Velvet Valentines

Despite the 'holiday' today, I had to work this weekend. Even so, I decided to wear a Valentine's Day inspired outfit today composed of pink, ruffles, pearls and velvet...and my new Born shoes:) I didn't actually wear them to work, but swapped out my criss cross mary janes for these when it came time to take pics. I can't wait until its actually warm enough to really wear these babies.

Pv day close

Pv day


Pv day sitting

Pv day 1


Pv day 2

Pnew shoes

Tights: Target
Velvet Skirt: Vintage
Purse: Thrifted Vintage
Headband: Vintage Dress Tie
Blouse: Thrifted Vintage Dress
Pearl Earrings: Giveaway Prize from Tea with the Vintage Baroness
Flower Brooch: 10,000 Villages
Cardigan: Anthropologies
Shoes: Born

I've never been one to swoon over grand gestures made one day of the year and have found in our marriage that its the small things that add up and make Dan and I appreciate one another more and more every day. So there weren't any candies or flowers this year, but he did have some iced cream sundaes and spoons out and Casablanca in the dvd player when I got home. We usually visit a revival theatre every year to see it on the big screen, but we decided to forgo the cold and the bus ride for the warmth of our living room. Plus, completely unexpectedly, Dan found out on Thursday that Nellie McKay, one of my favorite singers, was performing at a jazz bar near his work on Friday evening. So we went to a great burger joint (veggie for me:) beforehand, got coffee and then went up to the bar where I had my first Cosmopolitan! And oh boy, was it strong. In the words of Oskar Schell, Jose! We had a wonderful time and conveniently it happened to fall on this weekend...making it easier for us to rationalize spending the money on an evening out together:)


  1. Ooh I love that cardigan and of course, your shoes!!! Happy Valentine's Day darling!!!!

  2. I'm adoring your shoes! Happy V-day!


    PS: would love to invite you to join my giveaway if you haven't yet!

  3. Ditto on your thoughts surrounding V-Day. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend despite the "holiday" :) I'm a fan of Nellie McKay, too!

    What a sweet look! Wonderful accessories (your purse!) The velvet skirt looks soooo soft and romantic.

  4. amazing cardigan!

    I feel like valentine's day is more of a gimick than something couples who truly care about each other/love each other do. why should you only feel the love on one day a year after all? glad to hear you guys are always making each other smile with the little things

  5. What a sweet weekend. I love this outfit, too. You always look so incredibly eclectically put together.

    I'm envious of your sundaes! My man had to work but you might have given me a good idea for a nice treat tomorrow. :)


  6. I love the brown and pink colors mingling together in your ensemble - the effect is very demure and romantic.

    Happy, Happy Valentine's Day, darling!! :)

  7. While flowers are nice i think I'd prefer an accumulation of little moments, it means so much more in the long run. I love this sweater, the little diamonds are just lovely.

  8. love the shot with your pearl earrings! and you look so cute in glasses. :)

  9. You looked so sweet and super glamorous. Love the simple gesture of the hubby! Happy Monday Kellie! xoxo

  10. Such a pretty outfit. I adore that velvet skirt; it's so elegant! Your evening sounds wonderful :)

  11. Great outfit, very romantic looking;)

  12. It sounds like a great Valentine's day. I can't wait to spend next year's as a married couple! We ate pizza and watched Twin Peaks, haha.

    I love this little shoot! Is that your basement? What a great backdrop!

  13. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Gorgeous t-straps!!!! Oh, I hear you about the punch packed by Cosmos@ I had my first last year, which led to a couple more which led to.... well, let's just say my hubby had to offer me his hat so I didn't get ill on the car seat on the way home. Oh boy...

  14. I love that velvet skirt! Hope you had a splendid Valentine's! Sounds fun, ice cream sundaes and a fun movie!

  15. sounds fun!
    love the outfit, especially your shoes.
    i listened to the bat for lashes version of i'm on fire. such a hauntingly beautiful rendition! thanks for letting me know about it, i'd never heard it before :D

  16. i love the cardigan! =)

  17. Lovely blog! :)

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  18. Hey sweete!
    I really like how you play with accessories and your sense of style!
    Following you, follow me too:)
    "fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

  19. I had to work all weekend as well, but I couldn't resist wearing a Valentine's inspired outfit either. Pink and hearts were it for me as I served food all day. It was almost enjoyable :)

  20. The shoes kind of sum up how I see your style - lovely!


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