Thursday, February 25, 2010


Phew! I just spent several hours listing three items...but it was so exciting and worth it to finally see the shop go up. There are only three dresses listed as of tonight, but I have several more items that I plan to include in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who's been so very encouraging about my little shop. I really do appreciate it more than you could ever know.

My shop is called Delightful Detours Vintage. Pop on over if you get a chance. Good night for now, I have to be up in six hours to get ready for work:)

(Oh and if anybody has any advice for me on this new endeavor, I would be more than happy to hear it:)


  1. Congrats Kelley Anne... those are lovely dresses you have there. xoxo

  2. i will definitely check it out!

  3. You have some great pieces. I'll definitely be checking back often! Congrats, I know you'll do well.

  4. PS... I suggest you read Tom Ang's book for digital photography. It's a very good instructional book. Get the basic book. It is my photography bible until now.

  5. Congrats on getting it up! Those are very pretty items to debut with. Good luck in your new endeavor!

  6. Definitely visiting and favoriting! Can't wait to see what treasures you have.

  7. Congrats on the new store! Likewise if you have any tips on your endevour it'd be good to hear them. I'm starting up my own store very soon *fingers crossed before easter*


  8. Hi Kelley Anne!
    Congrats on the new Etsy store!
    Your blog brings sunshine into my life so I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. You can get it here:

    Thanks for being so inspirational!

  9. Wow, you have some wonderful items ill certainly be checking back!

  10. Yay you're shop's open! The dresses are really lovely.

  11. Congrats on the shop! I checked it out and looks wonderful! I do hope you feature some very small garments, and I will surely buy them!


  12. Oh cool, I'll go check it out now!

  13. I really want that mad about plaid dress!!!! It may be a little too small for me though - bummer!! So glad you got it up, I know a lot of time goes into posting at Etsy, so hoping you find success in your endeavor :) I'm looking forward to seeing your treasures!!

  14. way to go lady! i'm drooling over the plaid dress and really wanna buy it b/c your prices are so reasonable, but damn those 25" waists. i guess this one wasn't meant to be.

  15. i usually find out about it through email where they list a ton of things that will be there. i wrote a post about it a while back if you want see exactly how i do it.

  16. congrats! i'm sure you're beyond excited about your new shop, just wait til your first sale! i was practically doing somersaults! haha!:) i have loads of advice for you, especially when it comes to listing items...
    there is one website in particular that is VERY helpful (these hacks cut back on the time it takes to list items)
    can't wait to see what else you put in your shop!


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