Friday, February 5, 2010

Decadent Deliciousness

As some of you may know, I've been searching high and low for the perfect leopard print faux fur coat for the past few months. I thrifted a very elegant capelet back in October, but have been yearning to find a longer faux fur as well. Yesterday I hadn't even thought about visiting some of my usual haunts when I set out for the day, but I'm so glad that I did catch the bus home that goes past my favorite thrift store.

Whenever I visit this particular store, I usually make a pass by the coats first thing, then head towards the dress aisle before perusing separates and shoes, and finally repeating the entire circuit (they're always putting out new stuff). I was on my last lap through the coats and purses when I happened to spot the fabric and decided not to get too excited until after seeing the price, shape, size and condition of the outer material and the lining. All I can say is that I got lucky and fell in love as soon as I put it on.

The only words that I can use to describe this beauty are decadent and delicious. Its so soft and was obviously barely worn by the previous owner.


pdecadent 1

I could go on and on about the coat, but I won't bore you:) It felt like a good day for wearing black, what with the new outerwear and all, so I paired it with one of my favorite and oldest vintage dresses. Its a wool 6o's number (I'm pretty sure) with felt details around the neckline and sleeves. One of our roommates told me that I looked ripe to lead a cult...hence the following photo (the pose displays the sleeve shape well too). I'm all blissed out, so to speak.

pdecadent dress


pdecadent close

pdecadent purse

pdecadent dress 1

Earrings: Gift
Coat: Thrifted
Dress: Vintage
Tights: Target
Boots: Stonefly
Purse: Thrifted
Undershirt: Target

I thrifted the purse on the same day and really, really like that too. I'm always on the lookout for lady-like structured handbags and little purses that strap across the body. This one sort of fits into both categories...its a bit slouchy, but also has a nice shape, great texture and I'm kind of enamored with the little hardware detail on the clasp.

I'm not working this weekend, so maybe between the guitar practice sessions (yay!) I'll do a finds post. I've had some great luck lately and am now really excited for spring and summer. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ooo la la. What a coat, great find lil' lady. It looks perfect on you and just love that dress and purse. I think I've said it before but I adore those boots.

    I do like the photo of you as a cult leader *wink.

  2. GASP what a lovely coat! It looks gorgeous, and you look amazing in it! I love your dress as well, it's funny but I think I saw something like it at Macy's and all you had to do was go to a thrift store to get it! Quite awesome!

  3. lovely outfits (:



  4. wow amazing find! definitely worth your wait

  5. i would rock this entire outfit. i love it so.

    what a great coat find!


  6. Oh my, what a fantastic coat!! It looks so warm and elegant at the same time. Hope you're having a great weekend :o)

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  8. Hahah, you do look like an (incredibly stylish) 60s cult leader! :) I love it when bloggers ham it up and mess around for the camera - you know how I feel about accessibility! :)

  9. Would love to exchange links and thank you! How exactly does that work? Lovely pics and how fun for you to be learning guitar!

  10. that coat is fantastic! What a find! it looks so cozy and plushy.

  11. ps. You got a feature in my latest post!

  12. Jackpot! What a find. A thrifted coat that fits and is that beautiful is a rare bird, indeed. I love your thrifting routine -- very similar to mine. Although I must tell you I go at LEAST twice a week (oh, who am I kidding, three times!) The perks (and downfalls) of being self-employed, oy.

    Anyway, I love how you paired it with the mod little dress. You always looks so elegant!


  13. haha that photo of you being a 'cult leader' is great. it is very 60s/cult leaderish, but in the most marvellous way possible.

  14. not cultish at ALL! that dress is amazing!

  15. This must have been a particularly good week to score on thrifted faux fur coats!

    My new post is about a faux fur coat that I just bought at Goodwill. I paid way too much in Goodwill terms, but justified by telling myself that it would have cost that at a consignment store, but at Goodwill, the money actually goes to a good cause.

    I LOVE your coat. Kudos to both our great finds!

  16. These pieces are such steals!
    Where do you live? Id love to know where you shop.!

  17. Oooh, that dress is lovely! Great find with the coat, too.

  18. I LOVE that coat. I have a real thing for leopard print which I rarely indulge. Don't worry about the unfinished secret, I am opening up the gust secret entries to a whole week of 200th secret celebrations - get it to me whenever you can and I will post it :)

  19. Congrats on your find! I love it...Talk about luxury, you must feel so glamorous just slipping it on!

  20. Love that coat,you wear it so well...

  21. Gorgeous coat and I LOVE the detailing on that dress!!!

  22. Gorgeous coat! The print is awesome! :)

    Lovely photos too!

    ♥ Aya

  23. You have the most absolutely amazing pieces in your wardrobe!! That coat and dress is just stunning!

  24. LEOPARD SPOTS!!! That's a superb superb find! The shape and everything. That dress is strangely special too, something about the bell sleeves and the motif design, very very cool dress.

  25. I ADORE THE DRESS IN THIS POST!! it is amazing!! and i must say that the coat and purse are just as amazing!!

    overall=AMAZING OUTFIT!!

    p.s. you ever want to get rid of the dress!! let me know ;)



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