Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fly Me to the Moon

Its turned out to be such a dreary day. I found myself wearing the green tights that I bought a few weeks ago and adding this feather headband to my outfit over the course of the morning. I needed something a little extra to help me fly through the morning and afternoon. They and The Bird of Music by Au Revoir Simone have softened the day.

Pgreen tights

Ppalm frond 1


Pfuzzy k



Phair close

Ppalm frond 2

Psitting stairs

And now I'm off to curl up with my two fuzzy loves and watch The Spirit of the Beehive again.

Pcurled up

Pmena ball

Psophie bear

Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan: Anthropologie Sale
Tights: American Apparel
Circle Pin: Antique Store
Feather Headband: Gift
Ring: Church Sale
Belt: Church Sale
Shoes: Clarks


  1. I am in love with this outfit. the sash on the dress, peacock accessories, and your amazing tights! wow

  2. The feather headband is such a welcome addition to this outfit. I really love your green tights. xoxo

  3. I love the headband - I have so many, one in every colour. Your cats are so cute too! I miss mine so much when I am away from home x

  4. the colors of this outfit are perfection.


  5. Oooh that is such a pretty outfit. I love blue and green but rarely wear the colours together in an outfit and you've really inspired me. Your dress is just perfect.

    I'm also in love with your cat and dog - they look so content sitting next to each other! Your dog is gorgeous - such a pretty face!! (and I'm not usually a dog person). What breed is he or she?

    Oh I've been meaning to watch The Spirit of the Beehive for ages :D

  6. The first picture is intriguing! I love the green tights with that dress, I love your dogs and I love everything about your glasses and hairpiece. Really nice to use color on such a dreary day :)

  7. oh, i loved this look! beautiful tights! <3 :)

  8. Lovely blues and greens! The belt is wonderful. Excellent outfit to beat a dreary day!

  9. I love this outfit so much. The green tights and headband are wonderful touches! Totally adding it to my faves on chictopia. Cute dog and? They look so comfy curled up.
    starship narcissus

  10. Oh what gorgeous colored tights, they go great with the sweet dress. Love the little pin and the shoes really suit this outfit.

    I so loved the pictures of your two little fuzzies, I'll be getting a puppy to add to our cat soon (it's just been born so I'll get it at about 12 weeks).

    My fav pic is the last of you.

  11. love the green and blue together!!! :D so refreshing, kelleyanne! :D

  12. What a brilliant idea to put a pin on a belt like that! I'd never thought of that, but will definitely give it a shot.

    It looks like you are feeling better, because you look way too stylish to be sick!

  13. Oh, I just added you to my links list - I can't beleive I hadn't done so yet!

  14. Gorgeous dress, and i love it with the green tights.

  15. Lovely combination! I adore the bright tights with the classic dress.

  16. Aww look at the furbabies!!

    Man am I in love with the print on that dress and I love how you added the brooch to the sash! So pretty!!

  17. What a marvelous, dreamy outfit! You look like a very stylish fairy! And your kitty is too cute.

  18. the green and blue together are sensational!

  19. Luv ur outfit and colours!! Hope u are well xxx

  20. Peacock feathers! I LOVE them.

  21. what a fantastic outfit! i love all the colors :D and those tights!!!!

  22. OMG! My mom is an Anthropologie addict, and I have a feeling she owns that sweater! Cool blog!


  23. This outfit is fantastic. So many amazing lil details. Love those gorgeous tights, the feather, the pin...

  24. Oops, and I forgot to mention your fuzzies! So cute.

  25. darling style you have!
    (& a cat lover like us <3)

    check out our Etsy shop at:!

    -Nick & Tori

  26. That dress is so lovely!!! I love how you matched your green tights with the blue dress and the peacock hair piece! Love this outfit!

  27. The green tights are such a nice touch, the whole look is dreamy dreamy dreamy.


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