Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clean Lines and a Coat Streak

Okay, so first off, if I look like a flight attendant in this dress, you can tell me. I feel a bit like I'm wearing a very chic uniform:) If only it weren't 97% cotton life would be perfect! (I apologize for not taking pictures before the workday began...the wrinkles are a bit unsightly.) I've been really inspired lately by some of my fellow bloggers with styles very different from my own. MJ did a great post on working with Celine-esque clean lines today and after seeing that, I decided to try out a shirt dress that I just thrifted yesterday. My outfit isn't nearly as chic as hers, but I was pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Pclean lines

Pfrench cuffs

Pclean lines 1

Pawesome purse

Dress: The Limited via Savers
Vintage Purse: Church Sale
Earrings: Church Sale
Turtleneck: H&M
Boots: Stonefly
Tights: Target

Its funny that I found this dress now because I was just reading about shirt dresses in Sample: 100 Fashion Designers - 010 Curators a few days ago. The article featured examples of women from different decades wearing versions of the simple staple. My favorite was of Ali McGraw from the 70's wearing one with a turtleneck underneath. After reading the article, I found myself mentally scanning my closet to see if I had anything similar in it to re-create the look and coming up empty until my visit to Savers yesterday. The thing that I love most about this dress, besides the color and shape, are the French cuffs at the sleeves. One detail gives the garment a sophisticated feel.

Besides the shirt-dress, I also came away from Savers 50% off sale with three bags of goodies including other dresses, scarves, a sweater...and four coats! I've been on a mean coat streak lately and have been finding them with the shapes, colors and details that I've been thinking about for quite some time. The last two are from a co-worker. I feel a bit like a hoarder, but couldn't pass up the silhouettes that I've been dreaming about all winter. Has anyone else ever had that happen with one type of garment?

PBlue hooded coat


Psweet little number


Pyellow coat

Pgray coat 2

I hope everyone's week is going well so far!


  1. I love all the winter coats, the purple one and the yellow one in particular (I'm on a colour-thing I guess).

  2. i so so so love that last coat. there is something to warm + cuddly + stunning about it.


  3. Love all the coats you paired with your dress... you're brilliant.

  4. Oh you inspire me honey. You really do. I just love the red dress, you are so right about the cuffs. The color is perfect.

    Ahh the coats, wow lucky girl. I love the first and last best...but they are all great.

  5. Kelley Anne, we must be on the exact same wavelength....

    I have been obsessed lately with coats of all kinds, probably because I am freezing my @%* off! It started with a grey faux fur that I posted recently and has escalated dramatically. The day after I saw your leopard faux fur coat, I pounced on one at Goodwill. Yours looked so awesome, I wanted some awesomeness as well!

    Other coats have followed, and I'm still not sure why someone would donate coats while it is still winter, but I'm glad they do!

    My favorites above are the camel cape and the last one is to DIE for! Lucky girl!

  6. You most certainly do not look like a flight attendant! You look wonderful & red is a great color on you! I'm loving the coats, too, especially the yellow pea coat style! Your wardrobe is always inspiring! I hope your week is going well, also!



    its funny because the one by my house they already know im a regular there!!

    I MUST SAY THAT I AM QUITE ENVIOUS at some of the amazing coats you found! I found a lovely "London Fog" raincoat but due to monetary situations i could not purchase it!

    i love all of them but my favorite of all the coats you got was the kinda yellow mustard color thats like a cape


  8. I love that color on you. shirtdresses are amazing, one of my favorite dress shapes!

  9. I love the coat and the colors of ur outfit, it's very great!


  10. Holeysmoles! That's a good bunch of coats you came home with, major major score. I especially love the first two, the cape and the last one. I could see you wearing them for many years to come, such classic cuts.

    Also, you're so nice to suggest looking out for vintage shoes on my behalf!! I'm really touched by your gesture and I have some photos, I'll email them to you? It'd be real funny if 8.5 shoes stop showing up and instead you find them in your sizes!

  11. I adore your hair style ! And this bag !! Fabulous !

  12. so many great coats!

    love your hair like that.

  13. Love this, red really is your colour. I only own one coat - but I love the cold so I hardly ever wear it.


  14. just love the shirt dress....and the coats/cape....and the boots. Most of all, I love your hair. You know, it is actually very 30s (I've been noticing this style in So many photos of deco stars lately) Looks glorious!

  15. You totally don't look like a flight attendant! I love the cape coat and the last one. i can't believe the luck you have with thrifting....and coats in general!


  16. I absolutely love coats, and you have such an amazing collection - you would think what with living in England and everything that I would be constantly wrapped up but I much prefer the cold.

    I have a stupid habit of revisiting old relationships and it never works out - there is always a reason why you break up. I think I just like to remember only the reasons I liked someone and block out all the negatives. You are so lucky to have found someone who has allowed you to put all of that behind you.


  17. I LOVE the dress (the colour, the shape.. it's perfect) but the COATS ARE INCREDIBLE! I'm actually incredibly jealous that you find such great things (I can't get over how pretty the yellow coat it!!). Shame I can't come shopping with you but it might be quite a long journey ;) You're so lucky that you find things that fit so well.

    My habit is buying too much jersey. I'm on a continual hunt for the perfect jersey dress and skirt. They need to hang properly and not cling, and be very soft. So whenever I see a jersey skirt I can't help but buy it. I tell myself I'll get lots of wear out of it... and I convince my husband it's an investment (or I just don't tell him as I have several that look the same - but are *slightly* different shapes......sssshhh don't tell)

  18. I think you look great. I have a shirt dress in my closet I've been neglecting, you inspired me to break it out!

  19. Your dress is just magical - the color is the most perfect shade of red I have ever laid eyes on!! :)

  20. Wow, all those coats! I love them, especially the last three. Absolutely love. And Lucky Magazine did a shirt dress article with that same picture, I think! Strange! Anyway, flight attendant or not, you look great, and the red is so unexpected.

  21. Hi - I've just started reading your blog and it's fabulous. Like you scanning for the perfect outfit, I've found myself scanning my wardrobe to re-create some of your outfits. If only it wasn't the middle of summer here *sigh*

    Beautiful coats btw!


  22. Love the red shirt dress. I need one of these for myself.

  23. Holy COATS! Wow, awesome, awesome finds! I love the last coat especially...furry collars are so wonderful! The purse is adorable. And your red dress really go well with your glasses. Librarian chic? Lovely.

  24. cute cream blazer!!

    btw I would LOVE it if you checked out my new blog!


  25. Shirt dresses are so classic! I love that red one on you, looks so lovely and the color is stunning! Oh what lovely coats, I especially like that cape one and the one with the fur collar!

  26. So many beautiful coats! Sounds like you had an amazing thrift shopping spree! I love the shirt dress and that purse is gorgeous.

  27. coats coats, more coats! I love the purple one! (Sadly I can't see all your pics for some reason-boo for me, it's probably my computer). I'll try again later.

  28. I'm a self-admitted hoarder of blazers :) I would probably hoard coats too but I don't have enough closet space!! I'm so glad one of us can do it though :)

    ~ megan ~

  29. you look great in red!

  30. I love all of the coats and what a great staple dress to own!

  31. Lol, love the dress though you don't resemble a fight attendant at all. I'd say you look like a really hip teacher! =D And adore all the coats.


  32. wow!!! i wish i had as many coats as you!!! each of them look so good and stunning! :D

  33. Those last three coats are gorgeous!

    And I think you look positively adorable in the sleek, red shirtdress! I love that look! Your hair is marvelous.


  34. i love the ali mcgraw inspiration! and your coat collection is amazing! i wish i had that much coat luck at thrift stores!

  35. Your outfit is just as nice as usual but I could hardly notice because, girl, those BRAIDS. I love it, you should wear your hair that way more often (or maybe you already do and I have short term memory loss... for all I know I've already left a comment just like this...)

  36. I love this dress and its really cool that you read about it before discovering on of your own.

    I recommend going to Eclectic Threads in Clarendon Va (Eclecticthreadsva.com)- best vintage store in the area. I haven't checked them all out yet, but this one is my favorite. There is also Annie Creamcheese in Georgetown D.C. but its more trendy and they alter the dress a lot to sell them faster to the are fashionistas.


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