Saturday, February 13, 2010

On a Green Streak

I don't know what's been going on with me lately, but I've inadvertently been wearing a LOT of green:)


Pcolor scared


Pcolor close


Pcolor stairs

pscarf detail

Pcoat detail

Pcolor tubes

Dress: Thrifted vintage, Shirt: Target, Beret: La France Vintage, Scarf: Thrifted Vintage, Shoes: Born, Tights: Target, Belt: Thrifted, Earrings: very old (?), Coat: Thrifted Vintage

Pgoing green

Pclose smiling


Pgoing green 1

Pboar bag




Dress: Thrifted Vintage, Scarf: Thrifted Vintage, Purse: Thrifted Vintage, Shoes: Thrifted Vintage, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Target, Earrings: Thrifted Vintage

Okay, one last thing. Is it just me or do the animals on this tapestry bag look slightly possessed to anyone else? My friend Kasia and I decided today that they seem like either demonic boars or hounds from hell to us. Either way, the pattern makes it a pretty unique and interesting handbag as far as I'm concerned.


  1. I love the pursue and the animals do look a bit funny! I love both of these outfits but especially the one with the beret and scarf! Just adorable!

  2. you look really good in green.. so i dont mind if you wear it all the time! :D

  3. Oh I love your coat, the color looks great with the black tights and shoes and the little splash of color at the neck...and the beret of course!

    Yes the animals do look slightly strange, cool purse though!

    My fav's are #5 and the third last :)

  4. I love the first dress! The color and checks are brilliant and it looks awesome with the scarf.

  5. Oh such lovely green dresses! And that bag is so cute as well, the animals do look a bit freaky to me though. But that might has something to do with a box my grandmother used to have, with animals that look very much like the one on your bag. When I slept over at her house I could see that box from my bed and I always was pretty spooked by it and had nightmares about the animals! But still, I love it!

  6. i think i posted this on chictopia as well, but i've also recently fallen in love with green. its a color i never thought could work, but it looks SO beautiful on dresses.

    beautiful outfits!


  7. Haha, yes I think demonic boars is about right :) Your green dresses are STUNNING, and they look so good on you! Keep it up, this is a fabulous look. I love the first one, especially. Really striking.


  8. love the way you wore your scarf in the first outfit!

  9. heyy :))
    i found you on chictopia, and thought i'd chack out your blog :) it's pretty :D

    i love love love your dress. you suit green.

    check out and follow my blog?

    i'maa follow you :))


  10. I am loving your green! This post actually got me thinking that I don't have much green, if any, green in my closet. You have inspired me to change that!!

  11. Well it suits you! Perhaps you're feeling emotionally safe. Or maybe in touch with nature? Haha, those are a few of greens supposed meanings.

  12. you look amazing, so very unique!


  13. love the dress!!!! you look really cute!

    Patty Ann
    AlphaBetaChic Blog

  14. Green is my favorite color ever, and I love it with your hair! The black and green check is so cute! Lovely photos as always.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  15. Hey there,

    I love this post. You are gorgeous and these photos are great. Not to mention your amazing style! I do a weekly post on my blog called "Sunday's Op-Ed" where I list my favorite 10 things of the week, and this is making my list! Come check it out. Annie.

  16. I really admire the photos that you have shown here, it's a really work of art for vintage lovers any way round.
    I love the every detailed cloth that she wears..

  17. I really do not like green color and green and black combination is the worst combination that I was thinking but after watching your outfits and combination I also like to wear that. I understand that green long top and black tight makes a unique and fabulous combination.
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