Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blue with a Touch of Paisley


P blue

P shadow

P reflection

P sitting

P fabric

P dancing

P ka close

P accessories

P blue 1

P thinking

Velvet Jacket: Anne Taylor via thrift store
Dress: Vintage via a church Thrift Store
Tights: Hue, Anthropologie Sale
Bracelets: Can't Remember
Hat: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Clarks
Earrings: Gift

I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote words of encouragement on my upcoming Etsy store. Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, it'll be up and running by tomorrow evening. I'll let you know if everything goes according to plan:)


  1. love the color of your tights, goes so well with dress

  2. Excited for the store! And wow, this is one of my very favorite looks of yours. The blue-ish tights and the texture of that dress are so whimsical, and you always manage to look so collegiate. Like out of a dream :)

  3. You have such amazing style!

  4. Oh where do I start....this is totally fabulous. The dress color/patten and cut are great, the blue tights are perfect and love the jaunty hat.

    The shoes and belt tie this outfit together really well.

    The photo's are really interesting, love the different angles and close ups of pattens, bracelet and your sweet self.

    It was hard to pick a favorite shot, but I'll go with #2.

  5. I can't wait to see your etsy store!

    Your blue tights are awesome!


  6. i am so so so very excited for your etsy store....btw, i LOVE this dress. its absolutely beautiful.


  7. I'm excited for the store. Can't wait!

    Love your dress... beautiful! xoxo

  8. that dress is beautiful. I love the print, you have so many great vintage finds..your closet must be gigantic!

  9. Is that a paisley corduroy dress?! I love it! Looks amazing on you and I love how you paired it with blue tights!

  10. Very beautiful dress. And the bracelets are soooooo fab!

  11. I love paisley and cordruoy, you hit the jackpot!Gorgeous photographs in that lighting!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Happy Chinese New Year giveaway

  12. I really love the quality of your photos!


  13. I love corduroy too! I've never worn a cord dress because I felt too Western or something, but you have inspired me, thank you :)

  14. The red and blue look great together! Your photos are stunning. I love the atmosphere...

  15. you look wonderful! the tights are a great touch!

  16. beautiful photos..and the dress isn't too bad either! ;)

  17. gorgeous photos! those first three are just amazing! i love your blue tights.
    good luck with the etsy store. let us know when it's up, so we can come visit :D

  18. o wow great photos! and that dress is so lovely!

  19. Paisley, yummy! I look like a twat in it but you look really nice... :)

  20. yet another pretty dress that fits you like a glove! love the tights you paired with it too.

  21. Love the tights. The lighting in the first photo is really beautiful.

    Very excited to see the etsy store!!
    Happy almost-friday :)

  22. I love the pop of blue against the red! You look adorable, sweet girl! And, did I tell you that your visits to GirlWhimsy bring a smile to my face. Can't wait for your Etsy store!

  23. i love the blue and red combo it is awesome! you look spiffy!

  24. red and blue has been one of my favorite color combos lately. And the pattern is super pretty. Though I must say the 3 and 4th pictures should be in a horror film. First, the serial killer slams the door open, as the heroine cowers in terror below the stairs

  25. What a great dress! Paisley is always one of my favorite prints. The tights are a very nice shade of blue. Love the hat and your poses with it. Best wishes with the Etsy store!

  26. Cute dress! Love the color combination!



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