Thursday, January 21, 2010

His Girl Friday

After an appointment in the city today, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk around the neighborhood I was in to try to find a thrift store I'd heard about. Alas, I was unlucky in that pursuit, but instead kept walking in the direction of a vintage store that I visit a few times a year. I got very lucky today and found the prettiest mauve 50's swing coat that I plan to wear something like this (thanks for the inspiration Lauren) and a 70's coat that I'm not really sure how to describe yet except that its pretty awesome and unlike anything I own.

Then I went to visit my husband's work so that we could take the bus home together. The ladies in his office were curious about what I bought, so we had show and tell moment and I encouraged them to visit the store. During the conversation, one of his co-workers and I decided that my outfit today could best be described as 50's secretary or his-girl-friday, which I love because I absolutely adored the movie His Girl Friday! Between that and the sales clerk telling me that I was the best dressed customer to come in today (according to him and his colleagues), those two just about made my day.


burgundy 2p

burgundy 1p


burgundy 3p



trench 2p

Coat: Thrifted Vintage, Savers
Skirt: Thrifted Vintage, Savers
Blouse: Thrifted Vintage, Church Fair
Tapestry Purse: Florida Thrift Store
70's Sweater: Hand-Me-Down
Belt: Thrifted, Church Fair
Tights: American Apparel
Pin: Thrifted, Savers
Shoes: Clarks

Does anyone else have a special movie that inspires them to put together outfits?

Before I sign off for the night, I'd like to thank Jayne from Plain Jayne for including me in her most recent Bloggers of the Week post. I so admire the styles of the ladies that she's featured so far (in addition to her own) and am very, very flattered. Thanks Jayne!


  1. I love your outfit... so classy and elegant.

    Quick question: do you use additional lighting for your shoots or you just take advantage of the available light? I love it!!! xoxo

  2. That coat...that skirt. You have the most incredible style, I love it.

  3. I have a lot of movies that inspire me, it would be hard to pick one. Your outfit does remind me of that movie. You are really good at pointing outfits together - love the colors, love the print!

  4. I don't know what else to say, other than you're style just simply amazes me!

  5. Yes to all of the photos above. You look FAB. well done.



    Im not sure if you have seen the movie "THE WOMEN" (1938 version I believe). But Russell is in that movie and she is amazing as well as all the fashion within the movie!! A MUST SEE MOVIE!!

    i just have to reiterate how much i LOVE SAVERS! I just came home from Savers after a day of pure shopping bliss with a friend of mine!



  7. thanks for the shout out! you deserve to be on the list. this is great outfit too, love the colors and the bag

  8. you look so lovely in all these photos! inspiring. xo

  9. congrats on the feature..
    i really love the coat in this outfit! :)

  10. Your husband's colleagues sound nice :) That is such a great outfit. I love the colour of the skirt and tights together.

  11. That so does not surprise me about the best dressed comment...really. You have the most amazing ability to put together outfits that are just so unique and so suited to you and your figure.

    I totally adore this outfit, I especially loved the last shot, just the two colors together are gorgeous.

    I love the shoes, purse, brooch and of course the outfit.

    Congratulations on your feature, so well deserved.

  12. I love your style - it's so different from mine but I find it really inspiring...

  13. love this look! the ruffles, the skirt, the bag...just perfect!

  14. The red tights with the white coat are my favorite!

  15. Hi, I tagged you to blog about your Random 7. (Sorry if you've already done it before - only do it if you want to)

    Have a great weekend!!

  16. Leah's so right, you are one elegant lady! I can't believe I couldn't pin that down about you, hahaha, something's wrong with me. Can't not love polka dots peeking out from under anywhere!

  17. Kelley, everything about this outfit exudes elegance and charm. I adore the pine green hue that skirt and the incredibly lovely brooch!

    Wishing you a blissful Friday & weekend ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  18. You totally deserve the best-dressed customer compliment! That polka-dotted blouse is so adorable. Really pretty bag too. Looking forward to seeing your new items!

  19. wow, red tights, green skirt perfect! i love your use of color in your outfits.

  20. Gorgeous outfit, I do adore your quirky style! That bag and broche is just gorgeous!


  21. that coat is such a gorgeous shape. It makes a great pair with the tights. Can't wait to see your new finds, you always come up with some gems.

  22. I love this! The coat is just gorgeous and the shoes make the whole thing vintage-yet-up-to-date; so cute!


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