Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hanging out in the Shadows

If there's one good thing I can say about winter (besides walking in the first snowfall with my husband), it does inspire me to layer in different ways so that I can wear my lovely vintage dresses year-round. Sometimes in summer its so easy to just throw on a dress and sandals...come to think of it, that sounds pretty nice right now:)

Today is the six year anniversary of when my husband and I started dating. He's so good about remembering dates, while this one sneaks up on me every year. He even buys me a gift; this year it was a beautiful photo book of the Versailles gardens that I found when we wandered through a used book store last week.


shadows 1-1

shadows close-1

shadows seated-1

shadows back-1

shadow shoes-1

shadows leaning-1



shadows finale-1

Sweater: Thrifted Jil Sander, GoodWill
Dress: Thrifted Vintage, Savers
Tights: American Apparel
Hat: La France Vintage
Shoes: Blowfish
Brooch: Gift
Belt: Target

We're getting takeout from one of the best Asian vegetarian restaurants in the city tonight and then we're going to sit in bed with the dog and watch old movies together. I think I'm going to choose West Side Story (never seen it before) and he's going to pick a Clint Eastwood picture...kind of a twisted double feature, but its ours.

Thanks for all of the beautiful comments lately. As Katherine Hepburn says as Ms. Tracy Lord in The Philadelphia Story: "I'm beholden, Most beholden to you!"


  1. Ohh your shoes are just adorable!! I like these shots. There's alot of character in them. =)

    Have fun with the old movies!!

  2. amazing. love all these photos, you remind me of the heroine form a mystery novel in them, or perhaps the leading lady in one of hitchcocks films...hehe! hope you had a fun movie night...west side story is fantastic!

  3. i think this may be my favorite outfit post yet! i absolutely love the colors and those shoes! they're adorable.

    i'm a fan of westside story. i think i know all the words to every song :)we actually watched it not too long ago. my husband had never seen it, he's not much of a musical movie guy. have you seen "play misty for me" with clint eastwood? anyway, it sounds like a lovely, cozy evening in. hope you two had a great time :)

  4. Wow the shoes and belt match perfectly. Your outfit it 100% complete and I wouldn't change a thing about it!

  5. Oh Happy Dating Anniversary! My boyfriend isn't as good at remembering those dates - you are a lucky girl, lol. This is probably my favorite outfit yet! Love the colors, love those shoes!!!

  6. aww happy anniversary! your night in sounds perfect, I love good asian food. and your belt is great

  7. I love the little poke of green out of the sleeves... happy anniversary!

  8. so pretty! this is one of my favorite outfits! For me dresses dont have seasons, I just dont care either :o) congrats on the 6 yrs, thats great!

  9. well yes of course I'd be happy to! i know the whole etsy thing can feel pretty daunting at first but although there is a lot to learn it's pretty simple once you get the hang of it! anyway I'm all ears so ask away! you can email me at

  10. Happy 6th year dating anniversary. Of course, I have to praise all these fabulous images, great concept and I love the creativity.

  11. Gorgeous colors, love that belt! Showing off your waist so prettily!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    January Charmed bracelet giveaway!

  12. You have the most lovely vintage-y look; I immensely covet it. Those blowfish heels and the thrifted Jil Sander (!) are the tops, too!


  13. That sounds just gorgeous! You are your husband are lucky to be with each other =)
    GORGEOUS outfit, realy wonderful


  14. Oh ! Dear ! Those pictures are fabulous ! I love your shoes and your brooch !

  15. The green and grey are a gorgeous combination. What a great idea to layer sweaters over dresses. This outfit is just perfect! I adore your shoes - I bet they're really comfy.

  16. Awwh thanks honey.

    I love love the brooch, the outfit colors come together really well.

    I think my fav is the last. You always manage to capture light really well.

    Oh really cute hat too.


  17. Wow, I love how you layered the shirt over that pretty dress! And I love everything else in the outfit!

    The scenery is gorgeous, too!

    Congrats on your anniversary...sigh, love is great!

  18. i love that pin! So pretty.

  19. Very interesting setting... Love the shoes. Sabine x

  20. I love everything about this--you layered everything up so nicely! The little brooch and the hat are gorgeous! happy 6yr anniversary, or at least of when you guys met--I guess nowadays "anniversary" denotes the day you got married. (Thanks for stopping by my blog lately and commenting, very thoughtful of you!)

  21. Oh I love the colors in this outfit! And the layed look is beautiful too. I'm especially in love with the belt. ;)


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