Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best of Me

Here is another one of the dresses that I found on my thrifting and vintage adventures in Florida. When I saw the print on this dress, I really hoped that it would fit and was so happy that it did. The print reminds me of depictions of trees in fanciful illustrations. I love crazy prints and feel like the mix of black, brown and white in this one equals a neutral on which I can layer accessories and jackets of different colors.

I paired it with a jean jacket that I found a few months ago on sale at Anthropologie, a vintage beret and my orange scarf. I've been listening to a book on tape called Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood lately. It describes how the stories of the five Academy Award nominees for best picture in 1967 exemplify the revolutionary changes in the film industry at the end of the 1960's. Its so interesting, both to find out about the cultural changes that affected the motion picture industry and to learn more about how movies are made. One of the movies is Bonnie and Clyde, and I've definitely been feeling the Fay Dunaway influence (as you can see below)!


psychadelic bonnie


pb close



Pin: Gift
Dress: Vintage
Scarf: Vintage
Boots: Stonefly
Tights: Target
Jacket: Anthro
Beret: La France Vintage

This dress is one of my favorite finds of 2009. I think it actually brought me luck today, as I found three vintage dresses, a cute sweater and pair of shoes when visiting some new-to-me thrift and vintage stores. Maybe I'm a little kooky, but more often than not, if I'm wearing the right outfit (usually vintage) I feel like the best version of myself, more confident, more open to opportunities and on those days things go better. A strange sort of superstition, but its mine:) Does anyone else ever feel that way?


  1. i adore this dress...and i know what you mean about the right outfit. i feel that way all the time.


  2. Great outfit and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pin!!! Also, yes, send over that delish sounding veggie paella recipe! :)

  3. You look too cute! And much friendlier than dear Bonnie. That pin is so adorable and I love your boots!

    I totally know what you mean! It's like if you start off the day feeling wonky, things keep adding up worse and worse and if you start off the day confident and feeling gorgeous, everything falls in line! Maybe it has to do with attitude!

  4. Oh I totally agree on the right outfit and effect.

    The first picture is one of my favorites....I think I say that a lot...anyway it's my fav for now!!

    The colors of the shots are perfect for this outfit and the outfit is perfect for you.


  5. me again....the first picture of you of course :)

  6. your hat is incredible ... i greatly admire your ability to accessorize. i havent quite mastered it yet ... i should really allot myself more than 30 seconds to grab earrings though, i think!

  7. This dress is fabulous ! You're perfect !

  8. Love your hat, it's so stylish and cosy. The print on the dress is beautiful.. you find the most beautiful vintage dresses! I never have much luck - there are some great vintage shops in London but they are far too expensive so I just stick to charity (thrift) shops, but I hardly ever see any vintage :(

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling better in the right outfit. It really does make a difference to my confidence, and has a positive effect on my day.

  9. nice print on the dress!

    and yes you look so 60's like the professional photo above :)

  10. The print on that dress is lovely! I also love how the scarf and beret compliment it so well. What a great find!

  11. what an amazing print! and that broach!!! sooo adorable! great finds :)

  12. Nice look, great print on the dress!

  13. nice pictures and I love that movie

  14. I really like vintage clothings, but unfortunately I've only a few vintage pieces in my wardrobe that I love and that give me the same feeling that you say, when I wear them ... I think that depends on the timeless elegance of these pieces of clothing, an indisputable elegance that has passed the test of time and makes us feel absolutely perfect when we wear them

  15. I'm with you 100%, honey, what I wear (especially outside of the house) has a very profound effect on my level of self-confidence and happiness. When one doesn't have to worry about their duds while out and about (because you love your outfit), it's as though a burden has been lifted from their shoulders.

    Wishing you a serene & gorgeous Friday,
    ♥ Jessica

  16. I know what you mean. Whenever I take a test i'm sure to wear a "smart" outfit. Amazing pattern, so bold.

  17. I agree completely. This is why I dress up almost every day. I mean, I put on nice clothes every day that I don't spend working in the yard, and that's pretty much EVERY DAY. I can meet the world when I'm dressed right! Glad you feel the same!


  18. That pin is adorable, you have such a unique style!

  19. Ooo how interesting. I love books on tape, well reading aloud in general really. my boyfriend and I read aloud to one another for fun - hehe. anyway, I love it.
    Fay was so beautiful. i adore your rendition, cute beret, your pin is amazing, just adorableness all around :)

  20. Hey :)

    Because your blog is so good, I've left you an award over on my blog :)


    ~ Kirsty x

  21. I get that feeling sometimes too, especially with those special pieces! That book you are listening to sounds really neat! Love the dress, the print is so interesting.

  22. Adorable Outfit! Great pattern and great way to style your dress!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  23. love that dress! i also adore bonnie and clyde. this might be a bit odd but I plane on naming my first daughter Bonnie. Yes, and my last name is Barker, haha! At least its not Parker right!?

    I do believe the right outfit can bring luck in the shopping dept!


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