Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding You in the Dark

I don't have much to write tonight besides the fact that I've been thrifting twice in the past few days and came home with lots of goodies. I'd noticed a serious dearth of vintage last month in my local thrift stores, so I decided to cool my heels on those fronts and check out more vintage stores. Fortunately for me, on my first visits back this week, the situation had changed. I think I'm going to do a finds post over the weekend...its been a while since I've done one of those.

Thanks to everyone who wished us a happy six year 'dating' anniversary! It was wonderful...full of miso soup, curry and coconut milk, brown rice and veggies, seitain, sesame seeds sweet and sour sauce and fried gluten. Mmm....I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it. Unfortunately we didn't get to West Side Story (Clint Eastwood's magnetic appeal won the day:), so that's being saved for tomorrow evening.



holding it in-1


grey 3-1

raining light-1

grey 1-1

grey 2-1



Dress: Thrifted Vintage, Urban Renewals
Sweater: Thrifted Abercrombie and Fitch, Savers
Pin: Thrifted and Reconstructed by me
Earrings: Gift from mom
Tights: American Apparel
Belt: Thrifted, Savers
Shoes: Blowfish

I'm sorry for posting boring basement shots again, but its so very cold outside and my blood is thin. I've been trying to mix it up a bit by playing with the shadows and light down there to make up for the monotony.


  1. oh i love this dress, and the cardigan with the elbow pads! the whole look is adorable and has such a vintage feel.

  2. love the dress, the pattern is nice

  3. gorgeous dress and pin! Really cool lighting and setting, too. Oh, happy anniversary!!

  4. The elbow pads are such a nice touch. And you certainly have an eye for patterns, that dress is lovely.

  5. you have the greatest collection of printed vintage dresses! i'm jealous!

  6. What a darling dress! And the pictures are so mysterious and dramatic with the lighting!

  7. Your photos are always sooo pretty! I love that dress! I know what you mean about the thrift stores...for some reason the ones around here haven't been too great lately either!

  8. such a pretty dress..I actually love your basement photos..keep it up :)

  9. Your style is pretty much everything I wish mine was :)

  10. Hooray for good thrifting finds!! Sounds like you've had a great last few days :-)

  11. The print on the dress is gorgeous - green and purple complement each other so beautifully. I love your basement shots as you're really creative with the shadows. I wish I could find some vintage clothes near me.. I have a theory that the people who work in the charity shops get first picks and take all the best pieces!

  12. It doesn't matter where you shoot, I always love them.

    This outfit is so gorgeous on you, the little sweater is so sweet.

    I think my fav is the third last one, the brooch really looks good too.

  13. this dress is so beautiful on you. i love the print!


  14. you are ever so pretty!!! :D love love love! :D

  15. this is sooooooo adorable! i love the elbow patches on your cardi too...lovely!

  16. That brooch is such a gorgeous pop of color. And I think the basement background lends a very interesting element to the photos!!


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