Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Prints Always Have a Part to Play & Something to Say

polyester me_1

shoes 1

hat 1

detail 1

Dress: Buffalo Exchange, Hat: Target, Brooch: Savers, Shirt: Target, Jeans: Hand-Me-Down,
Shoes: NineWest Via GoodWill

purple stairs_p



floor pinafore_p


purple pinafore 1

purple pinafore_p


pinafore shadow_p

Dress: Vintage Bloomingdales via Savers, Shirt: H&M, Scarf: Savers, Earrings: Savers, Shoes: Born,
Tights: Target
, Cardigan: DKNY via Savers


  1. LOVE the first outfit, all of the colors work so well together!!

  2. Oh wow so many great looks here. I love the first, you would look fab striding down the street in that!

    The second outfit looks wonderful both ways. Your lipstick looks gorgeous with the blue of the scarf too.

    My fav is the 6th...oh hi to Sophie, just spotted her sweet little legs.

  3. so many beautiful pictures, awesome prints, and such a nice blog! Consider me a follower now :)

  4. very cool and chic blog you have :) happy new year to you !

  5. Gorgeous photos, love that bow sooooo much! It's such a wonderful way to draw attention to your lovely face! And the way you showcased the brooch is ingenious. Happy Sunday.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    January Charmed bracelet giveaway!

  6. these are amazing coats, crazy cool patterns

  7. the last one is my favorite!

    also you remind me so much of my roommate in these pictures ... it's neat.

  8. Oh love the cardigan in the second outfit! Mad love for this photo:

  9. So many beautiful items -- you have a wonderful collection. You photos are always so atmospheric, due to the incredible dramatic lighting! The 10th photo is stunning!

    Also, thanks for all your thoughtful comments recently. It's great to meet such sweet people :)

  10. I think you have just illustrated the title of your post well! I love the mix between the different prints. That kaleidosopic vintage one is great! And the setting for the latter two outfits sets off the patterns nicely- probably that beautiful light!
    Thanks for your kind words.

  11. Thanks for the tripod advice. I've never priced them, but it's encouraging to know there are affordable ones out there.

  12. I really like the pussybow in the second outfit - it's a great look on you!

  13. Love first outfit darling! the dress in an interesting piece! you have a great style ;)

  14. Love: print jacket in the first set; scarf in the second set; floral dress in the 3rd set. Such lovely style, my dear!

  15. You have such wonderful vintage items! The earrings in your hand, too, are stunning. I love the basement shots!

  16. Fantastic angles with the photos! I love the wardrobe! Happy New Year!

  17. I LOVE the second outfit (and the first shoes: I'm looking for yellow shoes).

  18. Wow those are wonderful print/pattern! So Art Nouveau! The second outfit is so lovely!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  19. very gorgeous pictures! and all your outfits are really beautiful :)

    drey jewelry

  20. first and foremost!!

    I LOVE THE OVERSIZE BOW!! These SAVERS outfits are awesome! I think I might just have to go to check out the SAVERS by me and check out what they have!

  21. As I keep looking at that first photo with that divine print jacket, I'm saying to myself, "Kelley Anne really must let me borrow that deliciously cute jacket!" I fall more in love with it the longer I stare at it. What lovely taste you have!

  22. The pattern of the sweater paired with that EXPERETLY tied bow, is completely gorgeous.

  23. That hat looks fantastic on you! I can never pull fedora style hats off! :(

    I LOVE how you tied the bow in the second is gorgeous!

  24. I love both these outfits! I also really love the photos you took for the 2nd outfit. Great use of light and shadows. What camera do you use?

  25. Oh goodness, you look so neat and flawless on both outfits! I adore the first one for its casual look, and the second one for the very well mix of vintage-y sense and a bit of modernity.
    And not to forget the lights of your second outfit photos is just perfect...
    Hope you're having all the happiness, love! :)


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