Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lady-Like Dress and a Splash of Color

I woke up this morning knowing that I needed to wear this dress. Its been sitting in my closet for nearly a month, but I hadn't yet found an opportunity. Its so lovely, floaty, lady-like and elegant and today I felt the need for an injection of just those things (as well as an excuse to wear my new shoes:). I wish I could say that I wore it to a tea house or a matinee at one of the old movie houses here, but instead we took a short (one hour) road trip to an inexpensive theatre to see Wolverine. I have to say that it was so gloriously over the top that I found it enjoyable and giggled through many parts that seemed to me more of a parody of the action/comic book genre. My husband thought it was flat-out great. All together a nice way to spend the afternoon...sharing a bucket of popcorn with the one you love while watching a jacked-up, growling Hugh Jackman saying cheesy one liners while CGI explosions decorate the background:) 

Anyway, back to the dress, the only problem is that it doesn't photograph particularly well. I had a hard time capturing the beauty of the white on cream embroidery and diaphanous nature of the here are a few different attempts. 

(Please click on any of the pictures if you wish to enlarge them:)

Dress: Thrifted
Necklace: Thrifted
Ring: Thrifted
Shoes: Blowfish


  1. Ooo your shoes look good, but the dress is gorgeous, the neckline and the sleeves are really nice. The first photo is my

  2. I hate it when things aren't photogenic but the dress is lovely, the design is very pretty and feminine.

    Wolverine sounds interesting, I liked the other X-Men films but had heard bad things about this one and stayed away, now I'm going to have to rent! :)

  3. You look so pretty! The dress is gorgeous! :)
    I just notced that your wearing your new shoes to match, good choice they go really well with your dress :)

    Thank you for such a nice comment about my sunglasses! :) You should get the ones you've been eyeing for a while, I bet they would suit you :)

    Love Kirsty .x.

  4. It's beautiful! Love the color and your photos are just lovely.

  5. Yay! The page loaded! :D I'm at my aunt's ranch and all she has is dial up which, of course, is taking forever! So, this is the only post I've read now. I'll read and comment on the rest when I get back to my nice broad band. :D

    Lovely dress, though! I would so dearly love to have one like that! Even in the pictures it is lovely and you said it's even nicer in real life! <3

    When I get home I'm going to write a post all about this lovely little vintage/candy shop (meaning vintage stuff and candy, not vintage candy :D) in this small little town my aunt and I stopped at. It was so quaint and cute! I bet you would have liked it, they had the most darling vintage hats! <3

    ~ Caitie


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