Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Casual...who, me?

As I mentioned the other day, I've been reading a biography of Grace Kelly. At several points, the author discusses how she dressed rather casually for specific auditions...wearing a tweed skirt, button down blouse, glasses and flat-heeled shoes accompanied by very little make up...as one director put it: "dressed as if she were walking down the street window-shopping."* For some reason, this really struck a chord with me...I think because this is how I would describe casual.

Don't get me wrong, I own jeans and t-shirts and even a few pairs of sneakers, but I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts and feel very comfortable in them. It always strikes me as funny though when co-workers make comments about my sartorial choices to the effect of...I never see you dress casually. (I once even had a complete stranger compliment my vintage dress in one breath and then chastise me for wearing something too dressy to work in the next!) I guess, to me being dressed up would be wearing gloves, a hat, heels and probably stockings and curling my hair.

Silly maybe, but sometimes I do wish that everyone was just a wee bit more formal...so that I could feel comfortable sporting those white gloves and veiled hats I see in vintage stores:) Oh well. Here's a normal work-day outfit for the days that I spend working in an archive...casual, comfortable and ready for some good old fashioned window shopping!


Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Express
Shoes: Target
Headband: American Apparel
Jewelry: Gifts
Bag: Thrifted

*Grace: The Secret Lives of a Princess by James Spada


  1. Great outfit! I love purple and gray together, that skirt is gorgeous

  2. i think it's really awesome how you kind of re-created her "casual" look. when i'm not working, i dress down more than you do, but i totally understand what you're saying. when i'm at work, i'm always more dressed up than my coworkers, and it kind of feels weird. however, it just feels RIGHT to be dressed nicely at work. anyway, i think you should wear what you feel good in.
    the little violet dress

  3. just watched "To Catch a Thief" starring the divine Grace Kelly with Cary Grant. I'll have to check out that bio...esp. if it has the potential to spawn such lovely fashion inspiration :)

  4. Aren't you just a doll, I love your casual look, even though your right many people would not consider that casual in the least.

  5. Love the colour of the top, the purse of yes and the skirt ... lol My fav is the one of you looking out the window, but also love the ones with Sophie in them. She's looking on her best behaviour.


  6. Love your style..dont lose it...I get asked all the time why are you dressed up going somewhere nice?...No I just like to make an effort and feel good...

  7. Haha i'm guessing your colleagues were thinking sweatpants and an oversized tee! I like your attitude on dressing up or down (whichever way you see it as heehee). I used to put on my flipflops to go to work (yikes! i know) but that was when i didn't love life or look forward to living life.

    Right now, i'm so happy in my place, i want to dress the part too. Plus someone once told me, the way you dress also shows the kind of respect you have for the person/people you're meeting. And i totally agree with that!

  8. I love your outfit. Very chic.
    I know what you mean about the "dressy" comments. I love wearing skirts and dresses, and these days I only wear jeans if it's too cold.

  9. Ah I love the details on your shoes ;)

  10. I fail to see how this is not casual. That's not to say you don't look great, you look fabulous - the indigo top especially. Anyone who thinks that you are being "dressy" is not trying hard enough.

  11. Love the outfit! I also believe in your definition of dressed up and casual wear.


  12. Hi just found your blog and I love it already and cannot wait to read more! Would you like to trade links?

    your dog is adorable btw

    I love your bangs

    And I find that people are way too uppity about formal dress! I once got chastised by a friend for wearing no pants all week just skirts and dresses. But people fail to realize that sometimes throwing on a dress is easier than jeans and a t-shirt and often much more stylish. I try to dress for myself, but it is awkward seeing people scowl at you for being too dressy sometimes

  13. i just posted about this, kind of.. i went to a dinner and was the only one wearing a dress!

    obviously over time "casual" has changed! on one hand, i too wish people would put more effort into their dress and be a bit more formal. on the other hand, i'm glad (women in particular) have the opportunity to dress more casually/comfortably. sometimes i do gawk a bit at bloggers who go all out with vintage style because it does seem so out of place ... but to each her own!

    i'm quite a fan of the fit of your skirt!

  14. i'm loving that gray skirt on you

  15. You look so cute! Love the outfit :)

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  17. I completely agree, I get alot of comments at work, things like, it must take you forever to get dresed in the morning, or 'do you spend ages planning your outfits'; well no of course not! I just feel comfortable in a skirt and tights, and like you, dressing up for me is a big deal, with all the works! Oh and my bike is one we bought of a friend, it was such a mess when we got it, it had been in a shed since 1942!

  18. Great outfit! I love the grey pencil skirt (is that a pencil skirt you think?) and the shoes especially... must read Grace Kelly's biography now.♥

  19. I love the color of the shirt and the bag is nice, too.

    For me, it just depends on whether "dressed up" is relative to what you normally wear or to what others normally wear.

  20. i loveeeeeeee the bag =) looks vintage.and cute dogs xd

  21. I absolutely love this outfit! I could not agree with you more about people dressing up a bit more- I too own jeans, sneakers, etc but I just don't feel like they express my personality as much as a lovely vintage dress- so much character.


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