Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Skirts: hemlines are a risin'!

Just one more thing before I call it a night! I've been trying out some shorter hem-lengths lately. I've always felt more comfortable sporting the knee-length hems, but I think it might be time to venture a little outside of my comfort zone. The next two skirts are from Anthropologie. The hat is vintage and the first of many that I'll be sporting over the next few months (i.e. I will put my collection to use!:) 

This next one is from H&M and has a large cat and leaf print on it...but its hard to see if you're not looking at the fabric up close. 

And finally this skirt was a thrift find that I shortened (and wear backwards because it doesn't look right with the buttons in the front). The shirt is from the Russian Icon Museum in Clinton, MA. I could write a whole post about religious iconography, so I'll keep this short. I heart the museum and (slightly embarrassingly) bought the t-shirt, poster, and mug when I visited it with my husband on our anniversary last year. 

Good Night Everyone!


  1. that last shot is my fav- the floral skirt is perfect, the shoes adorable!
    i'm planning on pairing comfy tees with high skirts as soon as SF warms up a bit. rain predicted the rest of the week... :(

  2. With those good legs you can even go super short:)

  3. Thanks Hek:) That's really nice of you to write!

  4. Very chic and ladylike looks. I definitely think you can go shorter. I feel like I have too, since I'm just over five feet tall.

  5. You definitely look great rocking the shorter look. I, however, really don't like my knees, so if you've got 'em (and you DO have 'em), flaunt 'em!

  6. Those are all so incredibly cute. I too am enthralled in the high-waisted trend, and I love that the short skirts with high waists don't look skanky or stunt you the way mini-skirts do. Kudos!


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