Monday, June 1, 2009

Recent Thrifting (and one vintage shop:) Finds

Ever since school ended three weeks ago, I've been making regular trips to my favorite thrift stores. It didn't help that it was my birthday and my mother sent me some 'guilt-free' spending money:) I've been extremely lucky...finding handbags, blouses and, scarves favorite...vintage dresses. Some of them don't look like much on the hanger, but take on a whole new life when worn.

The teal dress on the left below is an example of this. It has petal sleeves and is printed with light yellow-ish flowers and sparkling embellishments. The skirt is also very full and twirl worthy. The bag on the right is from Aldo. I love the shape and it holds a lot for its size. Although I'll carry all three, I think this one will be in circulation the most. Below that on the left is a polka dot blouse that I just couldn't leave behind. Its really, really high-waisted, so I'm not sure what I'll wear it with, but I think that the puff sleeves and buttons are just darling.

I love the cotton dress below so very much and couldn't believe that someone gave it to a thrift store. I'm especially infatuated with the bodice and the way that the pattern works with the shape of the dress to accentuate the waist. When I took it to the dressing room, I just knew that it wouldn't fit, but actually it feels like it was made for me! The belt was also a thrifting find from the same visit.

Below are two very different examples of the many floral dresses that I seem to be obsessed with. Again, the one on the left doesn't look like much on the rack, but its actually cute when on and belted. It reminds me of the butterfly garden that my great grandmother kept in her yard in Florida when I was growing up. She lived on the 175 acres left of the family's (at one time quite large) dairy farm and we kept our horses there and visited just about every day from when I was 11 until I reached 14 and my parents bought their farm. Anyway, the dress makes me think of her for some strange reason:)

The two beauties above are actually from a vintage store. I definitely paid a little more than I usually would, but I find so few cotton dresses that are in good shape (and so many polyester ones...which isn't a problem at all:) in thrift stores, that I just couldn't pass them up. I love the print of the one on the left and the contrasting gingham patterns separated by white piping on the other. The gingham number fits like a glove (and is a therefore a little vintage sexy, I think;) and I just see Natalie Wood when I look at it. They'll be popping up in outfit posts coming soon. I just discovered a lakefront park near where I live, so I'm going to try to get down there to take some pictures this week if it doesn't rain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...we've been getting some nasty storms here lately.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow, those are such great finds! I love when I luck up like that. That white handbag is amazing (and they're all in such great shape!) and I LOVE the teal dress!

  2. You have really great taste! I agree with you about cotton dresses being more worth the price...
    I like how you connect certain dresses and fabrics to memories; I do the same thing. I think that is part of the thrill of wearing and buying vintage? The idea of a butterfly garden sounds absolutely magical, btw!

  3. Thanks Pansy! I think I've found the perfect thrift store near where my in-laws live. They always have so many lovely things there when I go and its usually very inexpensive!


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