Monday, June 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Its getting to be that time again when I need to get my hair trimmed. My hair has been just about every length possible from Jean Seberg short to mid-back long with tiered layers. Most recently, I cut it straight across myself, tired of the heavy length. Now though, I'm ready for a more stylized look. I've been thinking about doing something a little different this time and have been inspired by the many photos I've been perusing on flickr. As I uploaded these favorites, I realized that they're basically of the same haircut from the 1940's...shoulder-length to long hair parted to one side and curled. I guess the only decision I really need to make is how short I want to go! 

Veronica Lake

Lauren Bacall

and my favorite...Ingrid Bergman

I love the Hollywood studio photos from the '40s. These women all look so dignified, but beautiful. And their clothes really fit the ideal that I'm going for when I think about my current style. Its husband and I watch a lot of films from this period, but I never realized how much my wardrobe choices had come to reflect it until I started blogging about inspirations. 

I tried my own version of the 40's hairstyle above today with my hot rollers (which I love, by the way-they're so easy to use and don't damage my hair.)  I'm not going for a period look, but just happen to think that its classic and lovely and timeless. Now I just need to find the right hairdresser:) 

Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Final Touch
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Anthropologie (Sale!)
Necklace: Thrifted


  1. I think your hair looks AMAZING! I'd only cut a few inches off and then you'd definitely have the Veronica Lake look...unless you're ready for a change, and then I'd say go for the shorter Bacall or Bergman look? As someone who did a major chop a few months ago, I am longing for longer locks again, which may be why I'd say keep it Lake-length:) However, I ADORE Lauren Bacall. All in all, I agree with you about the 40s and the classiness of these waved 'dos. I have also been experiencing the same realization that most of my wardrobe is very much dominated by 40s-style's only through blogging that I've become more conscious of it, I guess. Whoa...sorry for such a long post! You look great, as always!

  2. Hey Kelley Anne, thanks for your comment! My boots are from a brand called Graceland, who make very cheap but comfortable shoes. They´re sold in Holland and Germany but I don´t know if they´re available anywhere else...

    I love your hair like that! Curls never hold in my hair, my hair is either superstraight or supermessy, I´ve no control over it.

  3. Love those pictures of you!

  4. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate the feedback:)

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous. I'm loving your shoes too.
    Veronica Lake is still (in my mind) one of the most beautiful women to grace this earth...pity she led such a tragic life.


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