Saturday, June 6, 2009

Comfort Clothes: Soft, Swingy and Purple

I have a thing for purple. In fact, its one of my favorite colors. As I think I've already demonstrated, I also love dresses with a-line skirts that are cinched at the waist and have puffy sleeves. When I saw this dress on the rack at a thrift store, I made a bee-line for it...knowing immediately that I had to try it on. When I got there and pulled it out, it wasn't necessarily love at first sight. The neckline is very, very high and its supposed to button all the way up. Its not flattering at all when done up the way that the maker intended. But what eventually sold me on this pretty little frock was the fabric. It is so, so soft. When I'm tired, when I know its going to be a slog getting through work on a Saturday, I think of this dress. Its almost like wearing a favorite blanket or pillow, but with better shape:) So I paid the nice shopkeeper, brought it home and attempted to rework the neckline with a brooch and pin. Ever since, I've liked it. Its not my most favorite dress in the whole world, but it does have a special place in my closet for those days when I just need something a little extra: the soft comfort of a swingy, purple, pretty dress. 

Does anyone else have comfort clothes? 

(Please click on any of the photos if you wish to enlarge them:)

Dress: Thrifted ('80s  vintage)
Brooch: Thrifted
Shoes: I Love Comfort
Pearls: Gifts

And here's my wonderful husband, waiting patiently for me to stop playing with my camera. He loves purple too:)


  1. A-lines are A-one in my books. I love that dress...and once again I love your whimsical, magical poses (the parasol is a lovely prop!)

  2. Love your dress!

  3. Oh! I love purple! It is one of my favorite colors! And this dress is very pretty. Aren't thrift stores lovely?

    ~ Caitie

  4. i found a lot in common with you, that's why i love your blog so much!
    i adore vintage pieces, and purple is actually my favourite color of all time!! and i just found out that you're a taureans too, and i'm not surprised ;)

    i always love liv tyler, i have a pic of her on the red carpet of time's 100 most influental people gala, she wore a great lace black dress, looking gorgeous! i'll post it on my blog soon.. :D

    and you and your hubby look good together, especially with matching outfit like that.. my boyfriend always help me taking my pictures, and always patient enough to wait for me while playing with my camera, love him sooo much ;)


  5. You look adorable! I love that stormy purple shade. Cute blog, I think I'll have to keep up with it ;)!

  6. gosh, the fact that you recognized the pic of max weber really makes me adore you even more!!
    and you too, someone that i want to know :D

    i read your profile, and i realized that you love books and poetry, and you have a very interesting taste for music. i guess there're lots more for us to share other than fashion and all things vintage ;)

    it's really nice to know you.. :D

    p.s. and i can see you linked my blog, it's an honor, thank you so much.. i'll link your blog too, for sure! :)


  7. i love that you added a brooch! what a soft, summery dress!

  8. Aww what a nice hubby!
    The brooch really makes the neckline work! The dress looks wonderful on you :0)


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