Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Days by the Lake

My husband's great-aunt owns a cottage on an island about two hours away from where we live. In the summers everyone in the family goes up there for weekends...lazy, lake-side weekends full of swimming (although the water was too cold this past one), watching movies, napping on the porch, mini-golf and crepes on the main land and long walks with our pup Sophie. No vintage on Saturday, but I did feel pretty excited about sporting my "I Heart History" t-shirt from a presidential museum for the first time.


  1. Pretty scenery! Summer is such a great time to take pics! Check out my blog if you get a chance and possibly follow mine too :)

  2. your dog is adoooorable <3 like a chubby little fox or something :D thanks for letting me on to that giveaway!

    i'm actually hosting one too, and if you fancy that sort of thing, feel free to enter :)

  3. sigh...very lovely pics of what seems like a very relaxing weekend. Your dog DOES look like a fox. Adorable.

  4. Also- Thank you so much for your well wishes to get better :0) I appreciate it more than you know and it certainly lifted my spirits. Thank you very much sweetie!

  5. goshhhh.. i envy you!! the photos are breathtaking!!! being a big city girl really make me wanna feel the natural breeze..
    im so much into the beautiful scenery of the lake, and the brown and green of the woods.. :)

    the dog is TOO CUTE!! and so is your tee!! i would love to have one.. the statement written on the tee is one of the most agreeable statement for any academician ;)

    btw, how did you know about max weber.. have you read his writing, or have you enrolled a sociological theory class?

    it's pretty amazing to find someone to share such thing :)


  6. Ok... I'm not really sure how I did this, but somehow, I missed this post until just now. Odd...

    Oh! It looks so beautiful! It reminds me of my aunt and uncle's ranch. I'm glad you had fun!

    ~ Caitie

  7. feeling nice place ! i thought here are . It`s almost time i went to as this nature place : )


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