Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bundled Up Inside

Some days I just need to stay in and bundle up in bed. It must be said that I sometimes feel really guilty about this. Right now between school and two jobs, I'm feeling a little worn. I had conscientiously planned to spend the entire morning studying and working on a few projects that I need to complete for my classes. Instead, I haven't been able to pull my lazy self out of bed. I'm beginning to recognize that maybe I need a morning to relax and not think about school:) On top of all that, its bitterly cold outside. I cry not fair! It was in the 40's earlier this week...darn wind. Oh well-a good excuse to stay right where I am and enjoy some of my favorite aspects of a morning bundled up inside. Here they are:

Green Tea with honey! And in my favorite mug! Hooray. Specifically, its ginger green tea. When
I lived in Italy several years ago, my roommate Shin and I missed American coffee. So we had our own special mugs out of which we would drink stovetop espresso in mass amounts with lots of milk to simulate the taste of, well, something other than espresso. I'm not sure how well it worked, but it was fun to wake up with her in the morning, go to the kitchen and brew coffee together. This was my my favorite mug of all. A huge, warm cup of green tea with honey always makes me feel better, no matter how much time I have to spend in bed. 
That, combined with the quilt that my mom hand-made especially for me, is a great start to a morning of rest. 

Besides hunting for thrift and vintage items and sleeping, I also love to watch movies. There are always a few movies in my life that I can curl up with at the end of a bad day, or just when I need to turn away from my usual worries and just take time off. These are some of my favorites. Over the past two years, I've discovered the films of Krzysztof Kieslowski. I can watch Red and The Double Life of Veronique over and over again, and always discover something different, either in my reactions and emotions towards them or in the films themselves. Flower Drum Song is an old favorite that I've recently discovered. The 60's technicolor look of the film is fantastic! Not to mention the dance scenes. Amelie, well, I've seen it so many times that I could watch it without the sub-titles and know exactly what they're saying. I saw it eight times in the theatre...and the first time was in France. It has a special place in my heart. Enough said. 

If you're into old movies and have any interest in 40's fashion, To Have and Have Not is a must see. The chemistry between Bogart and Bacall is incredible and the dialogue is so edgy and oozes with sexuality, despite its lack of explicitness. Sometimes screenwriters found ingenious ways to get around the censors (see Double Indemnity if you have any doubt about that:) Last, but not least, is The Passion of Joan of Arc, a silent classic with an inspired (modern) soundtrack. As a disclaimer, its a really intense film. But its so worth it to see. The script came from the transcripts of Joan of Arc's trial-so the words were really hers for the most part. And its filmed mostly in close-ups, which weren't a commonly used technique at the time. Anyway, if you have any interest in the history or just in a unique viewing experience, check out this movie.

Another one (left out) is my favorite, The Philadelphia Story, but I don't currently own it. Frown, its a great movie. Oh! And Hannah and Her Sisters! Okay, I'm done,  no really:)

Mena Love

Another reason to stay in (and not feel guilty doing it) is that I get to spend hours with my cat, Mena. She's been with me for almost nine years now, ever since my parents called me to ask if I wanted a sickly-looking kitten that had been abandoned near their farm. It used to happen alot unfortunately. Luckily, my parents have big hearts and so over the years our house and the farm have become a menagerie of pets. Its not such a bad position to be in when you have the room:) So now when I take the day off and get a little time to myself, we keep up the tradition of curling up and taking naps together that last well through the afternoon. Sometimes she even reaches out with her little paw and rests it on my arm. Sigh.

Nightgowns and Sleep wear! Spending half the day in bed also gives me the chance to wear my new vintage nightgown all morning long! I have a small, but growing collection of Easter-colored nighties that are all sweet and diaphonous. (When I purchased this one on Wednesday, the girl at the counter asked me how many I own. I bashfully admitted that I have seven. She replied 'Oh, that's not a bad start.' Now that's what I like to hear:) I almost feel like Doris Day floating around in them in our bedroom. I figure, if I'm going to be a bum for most of the day, I might as well do it with style. Besides, my nightgowns make me feel pretty:) 

So that's how I'm spending my morning. Curled in my cave of a room with the lights low, a movie playing, my cat by my side, and green tea at hand. Now I think I might be ready to venture out this afternoon. 

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