Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I haven't written in a few weeks...I'm not sure if anyone but my sister (thanks Kate:) and Elisa have read my blog yet, but I really can't blame people for I've hardly written anything! My husband and I went to Washington for the inauguration last week and I'm starting school again tomorrow, so (in my own defense) I have been quite busy planning and travelling. For the newest installment in my educational adventures, I will be studying to become a librarian. I'm actually quite nervous, although very excited at the same time. I'm taking a course on oral history and will be planning and executing a project of my own. I have ideas brewing my my head for the topic and can't wait to get to that class tomorrow to find out more about what I'll be doing. 

I've always loved school, but also put so many expectations upon myself that make me almost fear it at the same time. This time I'm promising myself that with the experience of two (yes, I do hope this one sticks:) successfully completed master's degrees behind me I will enjoy learning new things without being neurotic about it. Older, wiser...and most important, happier. 

In other news, I just recieved my first Etsy purchase in the mail today...a lovely vintage up-cycled bag from Lune Vintage! Speaking of shopping, I also hit up one of my favorite thrift stores in Rhode Island last weekend and came home with three high-waisted skirts and a fantastic '70s polyester dress. (In my experience, thrifting is such a dream in New England compared to Florida-there are just so many more places to frequent.) And better yet I also just bought a nicer camera with some Christmas money, so more pictures will be coming soon! The batteries are charging as I write. 

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