Monday, January 12, 2009

A Cure for Cold Winter Days: The Perfect Stripedy Dress, of course!

When I woke up this morning, I had a hankering to wear a summer dress of mine that I just mended. It can sometimes be problematic when this happens...first, because its the middle of winter. Second, I live in New England. Florida girl that I am, I don't really understand the concept of seasonal wardrobes. When I told my husband, a Rhode Islander, that I have a trans-seasonal closet (in all sincerity mind you), he looked at me like I was crazy. So this morning I woke up to temperatures in the 20's and snow left over from Saturday's storm, but I just needed to find a way to wear that dress.

What I've found since moving away from a tropical climate is this: if you have a good pair of boots, a decent selection of sweaters, mittens, tights, and a (well, at least one) thick (yet stylish) coat, you'll be fine. So as I was saying before, I wanted to wear my little cotton stripedy dress and found that my maxim still works. I love the process of getting dressed in the morning. Stepping into my tightly packed closet, choosing the colors, style and lines, shoes and brooch that make my life feel a little more magical, a little more fantastic, despite the snow and freezing rain, and lift me up above the moments when I want to cry because I can't feel my toes, the sidewalk is flooded and the bus is running 2o minutes late. Maybe I watched too much Turner Classic Movies (Rudolph Valentino was my first crush, followed by '60s, boy-band Beatles George Harrison) with my mom when I was a kid, maybe I equated the world of grown-ups with the fantasy of fabulous clothing, bold technicolor and costume jewelry; all I know is that sometimes a little color can make all the difference in the world and the right dress can make you feel fantastic..come to think of it, a dab of red lipstick never hurt either:)

Dress: Thrifted
Boots: Stonefly
Tights & Headband: American Apparel
Library Cardigan: Anthropologie (sales rack!)
Brooch: Thrifted

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