Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back Again

Hello everyone. Its been a while (again). I've been home sick for the past two days and have been mulling over quite a few things. I've been feeling an itch lately, but one that I can't seem to locate to successfully scratch it:) I realized looking through my blog roll last night that I really miss blogging. As a general rule, I tend to get caught up in what I think is expected of me and let those perceptions dictate what I do and how I do it. Its only recently that I've realized I need to trust myself and do things because I want to do them, rather than looking to other people for a guide as to what I should do. My husband is really great at following his heart and interests and I'm slowly (thankfully) coming to learn some things from him.

This is such a cliche that its somewhat hard to write, but here goes...what does it mean to be successful? I have always had a mishmash of goals that fit into that category in my mind, but they always fit into my desire to receive recognition and approval from other people. I'm beginning to see that I have to be happy with myself whether I get that approval or not. When I stopped consistently blogging about ten months ago, it was partially because I thought my efforts weren't interesting enough. Now, I'm beginning to see that that was a lot of melarky because they interested me and the blog was always meant to be one of my creative outlets. So, in a long delayed move, I'm going to start blogging again about the things that I'm interested in -- poetry, art, vintage, thrifting, photography.

I also started another blog (that's also listed in my blog roll) called Dreams By Kelley. There I'll post several pieces of my art every week. My husband Dan is writing a graphic novel. Every night, he sits down and writes one page; no matter what he always finds time to do this. I'm going to follow his lead and stop being so hard on myself. Dan always says that its not how many times you get knocked down that matters in life, but how many times you pick yourself back up again. Here goes nothing.

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  1. Kelley Anne so great to hear from you again. What you have written about is something we all think about and go through to varying degrees. It's very hard to be true to yourself sometimes and tune into exactly what it is you want to express and not to be deterred from that. I guess it's just our human frailties coming to the fore.
    I think we would all be happier people if we could master this.
    xxx DJ


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