Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stormy Weather

I don't have much to write at all. Throughout day I felt like I had a sartorial case of split personality between when I was wearing this coat and when I took it off:) The effect of the outfit is quite different with and without it and (now that I'm really looking) the photos of each 'look' have their own quality as well.

pthe coat

pshort dress 1

pshadow 1

P Kelley Close 1

pshort dress

P hat



P detail

Pkelley close


Coat: Thrifted 60's Vintage
Dress: Thrifted 70's Vintage (Hemmed by Me)
Vintage Costume Jewelry Brooch: Gift
Scarf: Thrifted Vintage
Hat: Thrifted Vintage
Boots: Stonefly
Tights: Target
Earrings: Gift
Shirt: Bitten
Belt: Thrifted


  1. I love your coat!! I'm not a big full fur coat person so I love the coats with the fur collars. Beautiful!!

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  2. Wow I agree, each look is different with and without the coat! I love the coat and the fur collar, it's very vintage style! Also love the pin on the beret and the way you belted your scarf!

  3. i love the coat and hat combination! and you have the best vintage dress collection ... you dont need any silly UO dresses! ;)

    also, for some reason, i have been having trouble commenting on your blog. :( i've been reading and admiring ... hopefully this comment works!

  4. I love your dress... It would be great to be able to wear that dress by itself... such a pretty print. The coat is fabulous... I'm so impressed by the kind and quality of your thrift finds. Have a great day Kelley Anne! xoxo

  5. Blue is such a pretty color on you and the coat is fabulous. I need to wear more hats you always look so cute in them

  6. Oh yes, I see what you mean -- it's certainly a wintery coat but underneath you're all spring! Nevertheless, I love the surprise. I'm a sucker for fur trim coats, and this one is no exception! The exuberant floral is also a lovely mood lifter :)



  8. Yes they look from different era's. I just love that coat and the beret and brooch...lovely.

    The color really pops in the pic 5. My fav is #1..beautiful.

  9. i am always in love with the setting of your photos! it's such a great photo location and you're so lucky it's so easily accessible to you! that coat is so lovely!

  10. love the blue! such a gorgeous color on you :) really like how you styled the scarf and belt too!

  11. Lovely coat! I really enjoyed reading your previous post. I can totally relate to what you said about feeling comfortable in your own skin. I'm getting there... but still do worry what people think of me.. not necessarily because of what I wear, but I just always worry people think I look silly for some reason or another. It's stupid really, because life it too short. Your post really inspired me to have more confidence :)

  12. amazing blue

    cute coat

  13. You look like you're in a movie! both looks are so different, you're right, but i love the feel. Like, a proper woman on her way to her secretarial job to smoldering vixen singing at a local jazz club.

  14. Wow u look amazing!! Hope ur well hun!! xxx

  15. I love how you are wearing the scarf and then have it belted at the waist. Amazing vintage treasures, the coat and the hat are. The brooch looks absolutely precious pinned on the hat.

  16. what a creative way to wear a scarf!


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