Sunday, March 7, 2010

Churches, Trees and Swing Coats...Oh My!

Well, the title is an exaggeration, really there is only one church, one featured tree, and one swing coat in this post. I hope you're not too disappointed:)

Dan has been training for a marathon for the past few months. Each morning he maps out his run and sets off, much of the time covering new ground and seeing new parts of our neighborhood and beyond. To my delight, when he returned yesterday he told me about a place that he wanted to bring me to take some outfit photos. I normally take all of my own photographs for the blog with a timer and a tripod, which I enjoy, but it is fun sometimes to let him do the shooting...and its a good excuse for us to take a walk together and for him to practice with my camera.

The place that we visited was very interesting. We weren't sure if it was an old playground or parking lot...really it could have been either. There's also an abandoned church next door where we took a few more photographs. It was a fun way to spend an hour this afternoon and a good way for me to get out of the basement for my outfit photos.

P tree 1

P sitting 1

P KA-light _picnik

P dress 11

P church

P dark horse ii

P Kelley close

P sun

P dress walking II

P detail

P church door close

P smilie

P walking away

P photog

P kisses

Dress: Thrifted 70's Vintage
Tights: Hue, Anthro Sale
Tie: Thrifted Dress Tie
Jacket: Vintage
Shoes: Clarks

(He took LOTS of pictures, the rest of which are posted on my Flickr page if anyone is interested.)

The outfit was fun to put together. The forecast said that it would be in the high 50's here today and I got very excited and thought about pulling out some of my pastel dresses. But instead I was really drawn to this sweet little black dress with its lacy peter pan collar. (When I thrifted it, I was reminded of the post about Minna Hepburn over at Sally Jane Vintage). Its ribbed down the front to the waist and has a matching tie for the waist, but I really just wanted to wear it sort of loosie-goosie today with a hint of red and my short checked swing jacket. I've had the jacket for three years, but never know how to wear it. It felt perfect today though, not too heavy, not too light and very comfortable.


  1. I love the shot of red from the tie! It totally makes the look and it looks great with the church doors.

  2. The last image is so sweet.

    Great that you were able to go out and take pics outdoors. I love every image. My fave is the 4th photo where there is a streak of light passing on top of you. The composition is perfect. If you adjust the contrast and saturation of that photo, you will have an image worthy to be framed and displayed.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  3. hmm abandoned church, interesting location

    love your blue tights!

  4. first, i can't believe he runs marathons. i am always in awe of people who do that. second, how incredibly sweet that he saw a location and thought of you. finally, as always, love the outfit that you put together.

    btw, i didn't forget my surprise for you! i just haven't had time to finish it. but i will soon, i promise!


  5. This outfit is SPLENDID! Truly cute! :) Your style is so quirky, yet classy. I love it! :)

    Follow please? <3

  6. This is the cutest post ever!! That pavement looks so cool all broken up and grown over, he has a good eye :) And love the outfit, the colors pop so beautifully against those backdrops!!

  7. Beautiful photos! How fun to get out and see such a beautiful place. I love the first picture -- it's incredible, the scale. You and that tree, breathtaking. I'm saving the picture!


  8. 1. That outfit is amazing.
    2. That tree is amazing.
    3. Those photos are amazing.
    4. I'm enjoying your blog thus far.

  9. Beautiful lighting as always- you are so good at finding it! The dress is adorable- and I love it with the blue.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  10. Such wonderful backdrops! I love the dress too - it's marvelous with the dash of red.

  11. This outfit is stunning! Love the blue tights and the gingham jacket, and I love the added red tie!

  12. okay first, your outfit is ADORABLE as usual, second, what a fantastic photo set! you look so lovely in natural lighting, i think it was a fantastic idea! (p.s. how cute that you're guy thought of the place for you to take outfit post photos! he's quite obviously a keeper!)

    Mamushka Marie

  13. Such a lovely outfit, and the jacket looks so pretty worn with the dress. Sounds like you had a lovely day out :) The shadow photo at the end is cute!

  14. Really cute!

  15. oh wow, that's absolutely gorgeous!
    you have amazing style, dear! <3

    (thanks so much for your beautiful comment "it's like i accidentally saw someone's memories" is so beautifully said. you love beautiful words too, that's for sure! :)


  16. The blazer is love. I am so jealous it's cold where you are. I want to wear tights and blazers and stuff but it's HOT HOT where I am.

  17. I love ur blazeeeer
    so cuteee

    Yulia Rahmawati
    "Get Up,Survive,Go Back to The Bed"

  18. black white and it!

    nice settings..

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  20. what a fantastic outfit and photos!

    i see you got your shop open! how exciting :D i added it to my favorites and look forward to seeing all the goodies you put up for sale.

  21. Cute outfit and WOW that tree is outstanding!!!! It looks like the tree from Sleepy Hollow!!

  22. Oh great job are nice to provide the location and the shots!

    Looks gorgeous Kelly Anne, I really love the third photo and the close up in front of the red door, just beautiful.

    Awh the last one is sweet too.

  23. These are such wonderful photos. Your husband is a great photographer! The one of you in front of the big tree is so breathtaking! And your outfit is just perfect - from the jacket to your long legs in those blue tights! I love your choice of colors - I actually just posted an outfit with the same tones - black and white, blue, and red :)



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