Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Has anyone else ever felt this way before?

"I live in several times like an insect in amber, motionless and so outside of time, for my limbs are motionless and I cast no shadow on the wall, sunk in a cave as in motionless amber and so nonexistent;

"I live in several times, motionless but furnished with all motion, for I dwell in a space and belong to it and everything that is space lends me its touching, transient form;

"I live in several times, nonexistent, painfully motionless and painfully in motion and I truly don't know what is given to me and what is taken away forever."

-Zbigniew Herbert

Sometimes I have so many ideas and I want to do so many things and I'm so excited and inspired, that I become overwhelmed and can't seem to figure out how to move forward. Does anyone else ever find themselves in that place, "motionless, but furnished with all motion;" momentarily stunned by all of the possibilities that abound? Faced with the endless we set limits for ourselves? Do we accept the expanse and prioritize? I'm not sure, but I suppose I just try to accept the yawning breadth, appreciate the words that express what I feel better than I ever could, take advantage of the time and opportunities that I have, take in a big breath and just try. 

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