Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mena, Mena!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my cat...I know, I know, its such a stereotype, the girl and her cat, but I don't care. She's beautiful and dignified and independent and, as our roommate and I decided this morning, she always knows exactly what she wants and doesn't really care if anyone else sees things her way. She's also one smart cookie - no joke, in my old apartment before I was married she figured out how to open the bedroom door by leaning over the couch and turning the door knob then prying the door open with her paw. Our dog won't even try unless the door is open wide enough to get her head through (although I love Sophie for an entirely different set of reasons:). 

Mena's been with me for the past nine years and although its probably silly anthropomorphizing on my part, it still makes me feel loved and special when she comes when I call, when she chooses to curl up next to me for a nap, and when she looks at me expectantly waiting to be picked up and held in the morning after I feed the dog. She never meows (I don't think she's ever meowed), but just waits in the kitchen for our daily ritual. Every single morning. Its nice to have a routine.

Randomly, this photo reminded me of one I took of some sheep on my family's farm when I went home last December. Several of them had recently given birth and there were lots of cute little lambs in the field. I hung out with them for a while, waiting for a good shot and was pretty happy when this one turned out. What can I say? You find ways to amuse yourself on a farm:)!

I hope everyone has a great week and can look forward to nice weather!

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  1. awwww! i hope to get an apartment next year and i am seriously contemplating adopting a kitty from the animal shelter. yours is adorable!


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