Monday, March 2, 2009

...Speaking Of Shoulder Pads...

I guess the Bladerunner shoulder pad bug really got me because the day after I wore my blue sweater dress I woke up determined to wear this little jacket. I found it last weekend  at my favorite thrift store. The back falls straight and is weighted at the bottom. Combined with the pronounced, slightly stiff sleeves of this denim dress that I made last year, I got a more Rachel, straight shoulder effect. 

Luckily it was slightly warmer over the past few days, so I got to break out some shoes other than my black riding boots. Unfortunately though, we're having one of the worst storms of the season today, so I doubt I'll be wearing either of the two new pairs of shoes that I bought last night. Thank goodness for snow days - no work today!

Jacket: Thrifted (I think it was handmade)
Denim Dress: Handmade by me!
Tights: American Apparel
Belt: Marshall's
Shoes: Reaction

Oh and I was too lazy to set up the tri-pod the other day, so photos courtesy of Dan who went a little Antonioni on me with a few Blowup-esque pictures, as you can see from the last photo:)

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