Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clog Crazy

Sometimes my sister and I will go virtual shopping together. Since she lives in another state, many hours drive away, this consists of me e-mailing her links to the things that I'm currently a little in love with and her commenting back and so on. Really, I just miss my sister and also miss the act of shopping with her. The other day she told me that I was a little clog crazy.

Its true. Before I bought my first pair of Swedish Hasbeens, I bought a pair of Miz Mooz clog boots and couldn't stop wearing them. Then I got a pair of Schouler and Sons clogs on sale at Anthropologie. And then I bought a pair of Hasbeens...and then a few more (including a pair of deeply, deeply discounted Rachel Comey Clogs (I know!, but sadly nobody in my non-virtual life knew how exciting this was). Every time I have a birthday that comes up or we have a little extra money to spend on ourselves, these are what I want to spend it on. They have a 70's vintage feel to them, they're beautiful (in my opinion), they're comfortable, and I can wear them with so many things in my closet. They're my perfect shoe.

Right now, I'm pretty excited about the company Lotta from Stockholm.  I got a pair of their Highwood Open Toe clog sandals in red when my daughter was an infant and wear them all the time. The heel is a little lower than my Hasbeens and the price tag is much lower. They have a huge selection and, well, I'm crushing on a few pairs right now. I've been slowly weeding my clothing and shoe collection over the past year, making room for things I'll actually wear, eventually making room for some Lotta's hopefully:) 

Right now I'm really loving the Silver and Gold Braids, the Matilda Super High, the 259 T-Bar in Aubergine, and the classic Highwood Tan

I know some people aren't clog crazy like me. So tell me, what do you think of them?


  1. you have read my mind! i think i am going to work on a post later today on my love for oxfords. and am also retweeting this b/c i have been talking about how much i love shoes.


  2. I love them on any lady that pulls it off – that means you! Your pink Swedish Hasbeens are pretty!!

  3. i really love your collection :) i have two pair of hasbeens and they are so comfortable! and pretty ;-)!!


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