Friday, July 26, 2013

Mama Style

Tunic: Thrifted
Jeans: Anthropologie Sale
Shoes: Michael Kors via Buffalo Exchange
Scarf: Forever 21 Dress Sash via Buffalo Exchange
Ring: Hand Me Down from Mom
Earrings: Forever 21

Before becoming a mama 14 months ago, one of the things I feared about the upcoming change was how it would effect my style. Everyone from other moms to patrons at work (I work at a library) told me that I wouldn't be able to wear my favorite clothes, jewelry or shoes anymore. Some of them even seemed to relish the opportunity to inform me of these things. It seems like an odd thing to fear, but my personal style has become an important form of self-expression. 

What I've realized since my daughter was born is that my style is going to change no matter what, but that its still mine and I get to choose what works best in my life. I still wear vintage dresses and heels (mainly clogs because they are so, so dreamy and comfortable!) and I still wear makeup, but everything, for the most part, has become simplified. Most days I put on my lipstick before I get the chance to brush my teeth, but that's another story. There will be a time for complicated brooches and dangley earrings, its just not at this particular moment, so they sit and wait patiently in my jewelry box.

Which brings me to this outfit. I never would have been caught dead in something so voluminous and hardly ever wore pants before she came into my life, but they make sense now. I feel comfortable and stylish for the day I'm having. Some days I put more thought into it, but it just depends on my mood. I think, more than anything, my daughter's presence in my life has helped me to accept myself more, rather than changing me into another person. That's one of the wonderful things about motherhood that I wish someone had told me when I was pregnant!

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  1. i COMPLETELY agree. i can't tell if it's motherhood or getting older or the combination of the 2 but i have been thinking a lot about how i would define my style. i must admit to putting my heels away more and reaching for flat(ish) ankle booties/shoes. i also don't like anything too tight or form fitting but i think that has to do more with not liking my post-partum body. but i still want to look a little bit rockerish, a little bit vintage, a lot denise huxtable.

    anyway, all this to say that i feel you. and i love that outfit. i LOVE that kimono behind you, as well.



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