Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Awards

I am so long overdue in writing this post! Over the past few months, three bloggers have nominated Kaleidoscopic Refrains for several awards and I would like to take a post to thank them. First is the always kind and generous of Chronically Vintage. She has recently nominated my blog for two awards.

First was the "You're a Gem" Award

As a part of the award, Jessica wrote the following words. "Kaleidoscopic Refrains: Much like the effect seen through a kaleidoscopic, opals create a prismastica rainbow effect as you peer at their surface. Thus this colourful stone reminds me of the variable feast of loveliness to be found on this blog."

In addition, she also nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks so much Jessica!

A few days ago, Anne from A Cup Full of Sunshine nominated the blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I've only recently discovered this blog, and now always look forward to her new posts. Thanks so much Anne!

As a part of the Stylish Blogger award and the Beautiful Blogger award, I am to list things about myself that my readers may not know. I've done this a few times before, but its been a while, goes:)

1. I practice Yoga at least twice weekly. While doing it, I usually listen to either the sound track of The Royal Tenenbaums or that of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

2. I own so many belts that the rack recently fell off of the wall under their weight. Its a little embarrassing, but I don't intend to get rid of any of them. Instead, I bought a different type of rack.

3. When I was a senior in high school, I won a writing scholarship and had a poem published in an anthology of young authors. Unfortunately, the award didn't come close to covering the tuition of the private university that offered it.

4. One of my favorite singers is Jolie Holland. When I saw her in concert last year, I thought I might swoon. Her music somehow reminds me of home and, at the same time, some otherworldly place that I would like to visit in my dreams. I also really love Dinah Washington.

5. My husband did not propose to me. One night we were joking about getting married when I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I asked him in all seriousness if he wanted to do so. We talked about it and decided together. After that night and until our wedding day, he randomly proposed to me in various places and I came up with different responses each time...each one resulting in a yes.

6. I devoured American Pastoral recently. Having never previously read Philip Roth's work, I didn't realize how the force of his prose can propel the reader forward through his works.

7. One of the best come on lines that I've ever heard is: "Which magazine did you just step out of? Because I need a twenty year subscription!" An elderly man said this to me in a bakery about two months ago and I couldn't help but smile all the way home.

8. I've never tasted a twinkie. My husband thinks that I missed out on a vital part of childhood because of this. I'm not so sure.

9. My favorite movies to watch when I'm down are Hannah and Her Sisters, Sleepless in Seattle, Serendipity and The Double Life of Veronique. Dan always knows that its been a bad day when he comes home and one of those is playing.

10. I love to cook and find it relaxing. It all started in grad school when I was so busy thinking about Foucault and the linguistic turn and historical theory that I thought my head was going to explode. Cooking dinner for Dan and I felt like something that I could do besides studying without feeling guilty. So I made risotto, I roasted and stuffed chickens, I made reductions, I experimented with tortes and cakes and I loved it. Now, when I come home from work, it often feels more like a form of meditation than a chore to cook dinner.

I was also so flattered to receive the "xxtraodinary blogger" award from DustJacket Attic, who always takes the time and effort to not only read my posts, but to always leave the most wonderful comments. It really means so much to me.

For the Stylish and Beautiful Blogger Awards, I'd like to nominate the following blogs (in no particular order):

Lisa's Likes


Leproust Vintage

Blooming Leopold Vintage

The Frivolous Flapper

Q's Daydream Vintage

A Thought Is The Blossom

Barbro Andersen


And for the XXtraordinary Blogger Award, I'd like to nominate

Little Boat


Much Love

Amelia Is

I'm sorry this post was so long! Thanks also to everyone who commented on my last one. I really appreciated everything you wrote.

Blog Award Rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2) Copy the award & place it on your blog.
3) Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4) If you'd like to do so, tell us 10 interesting things about yourself.
5) Also, if you want to, nominate 10 bloggers.
6) Post links to the 10 blogs you nominate.


  1. Congratulations on the well deserved awards!!

    I always envy people who do yoga!!

  2. This is very cool. Thank you so much! x

  3. Congrats! I hope U are enjoying ur weekend ;-)btw I will be posting my anticipated Lagelle hat giveaway tomorrow.

  4. Congratulations on your very well deserved awards.

    Thank you for your lovely words, it's always a pleasure to come over and see your posts that's for sure.

    I really enjoyed reading your list and finding out some fun things about you, wish I felt like cooking as you do :)

  5. i loved reading more about you. i got especially excited that "hannah and her sisters" is one of your favorites, it's one of mine also :) and about the twinkie...don't worry, your not missing anything and your body is probably thanking you for not eating one.
    your posts are always so wonderful and you have quite a way with words, it's no wonder we all enjoy your blog so much.

  6. Congratulations on the awards! You deserve them and thank you for sharing a little about yourself; I very much enjoyed reading this post. Btw-- I absolutely adore the lovely photos you posted of your roadtrip with Dan. You are right, it does look magical. Best, Nicole

  7. Thank you so much! You have no idea what a compliment that is to me. I love reading your blog and learning more about you.


  8. Heya, I am totally new to the whole awards side of blogging. Is there some kind of system you have to follow after being awarded? :) x

  9. Thank you so much Kelley! It's always an honor to receive an award... and I loved reading more about you. I think it's so romantic the way you and your husband decided to marry and also, not a fan of Twinkies so I don't think you're missing out at all! :)

  10. thank you so much for the award!

  11. Oh wow! Thank you so so so much! :o)

  12. Thank you!!! I can't wait to do this this week....I always love reading and sharing facts! :)

  13. I don't think I officially thanked you- so thank you!! <3

  14. Hi sweet dear, thank you very much for blogging about those awards - you just made my entire day by posting that gemstone and quoting me. You deserve every one of those awards and scores more!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  15. I'm so behind on this! Sorry about that, my dear! Thank you for the award, feel a little cooler now ;D


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