Thursday, October 29, 2009


Oh my, I'm so behind on these photos! Here are a few that we took on the day that we visited Siena. I studied there several years ago and we only spent about six hours in the city, so Dan and I spent much of the time just walking around and talking about what it was like when I lived there. We didn't take many pictures, so the ones from Venice will definitely be more interesting, but it was an important visit for me. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week...and as always, if you wish to enlarge any of the photos, please click on them:)


  1. wonderful. I like the different sizes and shapes of the different photos. It must have been the experience of a lifetime to have studied there!

  2. i'm so jealous, it looks beautiful

  3. Oh great pictures, love the first and second one especially.

    Some cool angles in the photo's.

    Cannot get over how you can look so good sightseeing all day and with a backpack on, totally not fair.
    those flats are cute.

  4. so pretty! i like the 5th photo alot. i would love to go there and visit st. catherine of siena's convent.

  5. i love reading your posts about italy! i lived in arezzo with my (now ex) boyfriend last summer, studying and singing... we took the train away almost every weekend. siena was one of my favorite trips! i can't wait to see your post about venice, it was by FAR the best weekend i've ever had in my life.


  6. Lovely shots! I adore the merging of ancient architecture and the modern world (cars, street lights, etc) that Italy is rife with. Thank you for sharing these great vacation shots with us, sweet dear.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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