Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Palette of Purple

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry for my sparse posting lately. The past two weeks have been busy and a bit rough, especially last weekend. We hosted two (very welcome) house guests, I worked Saturday and Sunday, and my father had surgery on Friday. I've just been exhausted, but fully intend to get back into the swing of posting more than once a week from now on.

Over the next week, I'll also be putting up more pictures from our Italian vacation. I've decided to do a post for each city that we visited. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments about the Rome post. I really appreciate everyone who took the time not only to check them out, but also to leave such thoughtful notes.

With everything that's been going on lately and the weather (which has taken a decided turn towards cold and rainy) I've been craving warm and cozy sweaters, paired with tights, boots and my favorite closet staple...vintage dresses and skirts:) I found this over-sized, angora and lambswool grandfather cardigan at my favorite thrift store the other day and have a feeling that its going to be a winter wardrobe constant. I'll be back soon with more vacation pics!

(Please click on any of the following pics if you wish to enlarge them:)

Dress: Vintage
Sweater: Thrifted
Belt: Target
Beret: H&M
Shoes: Target
Tights: American Apparel


  1. Love the shoes with your purple dress.

    Fee x

    Ps. In the first image you look so tall, your legs seem to go on forever! Lucky lady.

  2. Oh, such a lovely colour to both the dress and sweater. I'm on the hunt for hats to keep my newly shorn head warm....I'm liking the beret. Tres chic, as always! xoxo.

  3. sorry you had a tough week. You look fabulous! :o)

  4. you look so lovely in purple!

    i'm excited to see more of your europe photos! the rome set was fabulous.

  5. Oh love that shade of purple, really cool. The shoes look great too and the beret.

    I think the first is my favorite, the stance and the light. I like the second last one too. Just how your standing, the turn of the shoe looks great :)

  6. No need to apologize friend, I know how it is ;-) lovin ya in purple! ;-)

  7. Lovely outfit, that cardigan is perfection! :)

  8. I hope everything's swell with your father :]

    So you look great in yellow and you look fabulous in purple! No colour can beat you, you're so awesome like that.

  9. I love the details of the boots!

  10. wow! what great vacation photos! i love the one in the glasses. i love your sweater in the last set of photos!


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