Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Party Dress

For me, every outfit starts with a general idea, a feeling that I want to express, an idea that I'd like to emulate or an accessory that I really want to wear and build a look around. Today, I needed to wear my new yellow peep toe sandals from Anthropologie. I found them this past Wednesday in the sales section for fifty percent off! Since it was warm, bright and breezy outside, and our roommates were having a BBQ, I decided to pair them with a pretty white frock from Cafe Society and dress it up a little with a golden thrifted necklace and my cat-eye sunglasses. Finally, my beaded and embroidered leather bag from Anthropolgie finished off the look and (I think) pulled it all together:)

It was such a lovely day out...perfect for a deliciously girly frock and some equally exciting accessories. 

(sorry the pics are small, you can click to enlarge any of them) 

Just for kicks, I decided to take  a group shot with my husband and roommate who were down in the backyard reading when I took my photos before the party. Nick, our friend is on the left posing, while my husband Dan is on the right, looking at us like we're insane. And there I am in the middle...mugging for the camera:)

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

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  1. those shoes are so lovely!! you look perfect for celebrating memorial day!


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