Sunday, May 24, 2009

Late Night Obsessions

Lately I've been taking time to myself, working and generally enjoying the fact that I don't have any projects due or assignments to read. Although I did thoroughly enjoy at least one of my classes this past semester, its been nice to have time to indulge my desire to do, well basically nothing:) So after a hiatus, I'm back posting. I've been thrifting a lot lately, but there will be another post coming up soon on my exciting thrift store finds and shoe excursions (my passion for foot fashion has not died down).

And now, here I am at 3:28 in the morning, unable to sleep, with nowhere to be tomorrow and therefore no reason to worry over my sudden burst of insomnia. And all I can do is peruse blogs, read fashion magazines and think about Camera Obscura and their new album (which I haven't been able to stop listening to all day).

My brother tends to introduce my sister and I to new bands every year when he brings home compilation Cd's for us around the holidays. Several Christmases ago, one of these groups was Camera Obscura. I've really liked their catchy, interesting lyrics ever since and have to say that Razzle Dazzle Rose is one of my favorite songs, and (not surprisingly) this new album is just growing on me by the minute. It reminds me of 60's girl band music with a few country (in a good way) touches and interesting lyrics. I'm no music aficionado, so excuse my obvious lack of knowledge here, but the orchestrations are just beautiful. I've also been listening to Actor by St. Vincent and Bat For Lashes' Two Suns, but this one has really caught my fancy. I mean, who can't love a band who uses the phrase 'bees knees' in a song? Not me, for sure:)

So as I listen to this fantastic Scottish band while admiring the two female members' vintagie style, I'm also surfing the web, admiring fellow bloggers and their vintage styles. I just have to say that I visit Sally Jane Vintage's site every day. I love everything about her blog, from the photographs to the posts to her ebay and etsy stores. Sometimes I worry that my style isn't very interesting and that I don't mix it up enough, but then I visit her page or Liebemarlene Vintage and realize that everyone has their own style...and that there's nothing wrong with loving pretty, girly frocks, knee-length skirts, embroidered blouses, vintage swim suits or having multiple pairs of peep toes in various shades in one's closet:) I love Sally Jane and Rhiannon's sites so much because they always manage to pull off vintage so well. I like that they let the clothes stand out, but without the outfits wearing them and they don't overdo it with accessories...although they do have some mad wicked hats, bags and the aforementioned shoes between the two of them.

Man, do I dream of having an ebay or etsy shop and going thrifting for a living...sigh...another plan and goal that I'm currently working towards. My husband definitely thinks I'm heading in that direction with my closet:) My birthday was earlier this week and I just got a little money from my parents, so I think I might buy Adobe Elements and attempt some of the fantastic collages that my favorite bloggers put together. I really want to spruce up the blog...but more on that to come.


  1. I've heard of Camera Obscura but never listened to them, so you just reminded me to check them out! Thanks for that. ^.^

  2. ah yes, camera obscura with some amazing vintage blogs, sounds like a great time!

  3. Love Camera Obscura, Love Sally Jane (have serious blog envy though), and really adore your cute pics!


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