Monday, September 7, 2009

Wild Horses and One Little Butterfly

Yesterday I decided to go to a park in the town where Dan and I used to live. Its lovely and I've been thinking about taking outfit photos there for a while. The big highlight is an old bridge (with a very scenic New England view) that leads to nature trails. It was a beautiful day and my husband was out of town with his brother, so I decided to drive over and go for it.

The temperatures dipped into the 60's yesterday so it felt like the right time to break out my new 'wild horses' dress. I have a few vintage polyester dresses in this style and really like the way that they fit and when I found this one with the huge horse print, I couldn't help but buy it a few months back. I grew up on a horse farm, and although I'm not a huge fan of equestrian themed clothes, this one just called out to me from the rack.

When I had finished taking the photos and was packing up my things, I noticed a butterfly flying around me. I think it was actually following me as I walked so I pulled out my camera to take a few snaps of it. This might be the first time one has let me get so close. I ended up taking about ten photos, but chose three of my favorites to share here. It was a sweet end to a lovely afternoon in the park. I hope everyone else had a nice holiday weekend!

(Please Click on Any of the Photos If You Wish to Enlarge Them:)

Belt: Target
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Anthropologie
Pearl Earrings: Gift
Purse: Thrifted


  1. love the dress, what an amazing pattern! and the poses are so fun

  2. Wow thanks for taking a drive to the park and for all these photo's. Hey that butterfly is so sweet.

    The last photo is fabulous, The light on you looks gorgeous (check out your legs honey). I love the gate and the house beyond, the trees frame the shot just great.

    When I saw the jumping one I said 'yah Kelly Anne, way to go'!

    Those shoes are PERFECT for that outfit, nothing would suit it better. I just loved the outfit too of course.

    xoxo DJ

  3. Love this outfit and the photos! What an unusual and lovely dress and butterfly moment. It seems the dress was so pretty the butterfly was enamored!

  4. I'm sort of endless jealous of you for that dress. The print is AMAZING.

  5. That dress is so great! I can see why you wanted to take pics there, the scenery is lovely. You look great!!

  6. Beautiful shots of you - You lived in a very pretty little town. Oh, and I love those shoes too :)

  7. Hi Kelly Anne, what a fabulous dress, that print is so much fun. Nice pics - and lovely park :)

  8. Gorgeous Kelley! I love your dress and the brown belt and your hair style. Been wanting to braid my hair for sometime now but it never seems to turn out right. Will try again tomorrow now that you've inspired me. Also, butterfly is very pretty. Been seeing tons this summer... but they're so hard to photograph, great job.♥

  9. That dress is so cool! I love the prints on the horses.

    I'm totally envious that you saw so many butterflies. I've been wanting to take pictures of them, but haven't come across any :(

  10. love your dress! absolutely magnificent!

  11. love your outfit and photos:)i love nature so much, soo this is such a nice post:)

  12. your dress is lovely ! and these photos are great :D

  13. i have been searching for a long-sleeve vintage dress ... yours is so neat!

  14. What an endearingly wonderful series of shots! I adore butterflies so very much, they have been something of a perennial theme of my throughout my whole life.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Thursday as you countdown for your trip, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  15. Such gorgeous photos! I love your shoes and your dress!!!


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